Magikano on Hiatus Due to Creator Health Problems

Magikano by Takeaki Momose, currently serialized in Kodansha's Magazine Z, will be put on hiatus due to the Takeaki Momose's bad health and recent injury. ANS has translated the announcement on Takeaki Momose's official site:

A post to the front page of Mangka Takeaki Momose's Official Website mentions that due to the author's bad health and recent injury, the Magikano manga will be suspended with a possibility of being restarted within the year. Magikano serilaizes in Kodansha's Magazine Z. Momose adds a note saying: "I am sorry for putting any serious trouble and worry on readers and everyone concerned. Since I will do my best towards resumption, I need your help and well wishes." The creator is also known for the Miami Guns and RahXephon manga.

Source: ANS