Chinese Online and Offline Publishers Announces New Partnership


Click Comic Web (TriWorks), the largest (and only) official Chinese online manga distributor, and ComicFans Culture, a large Chinese publisher who publishes numerous anime/manga-related magazines throughout China, has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in order to promote Chinese manga copyright and content, Click Comic Web will also begin distributing digital versions of ComicFans' magazines through its DigiBook service.

Also as a result of the partnership, various categories will be added to ComicFans' upcoming Golden Dragon Award (Original Animation & Comic in Chinese), including a new "Overseas Comic Award" category. The new categories are part of an attempt to turn the event into an international award event.

Officials from both publishers expresses their views on the partnership as one that will give growth to China's own animation/comic market, while new international categories in Golden Dragon Award will be the first step for China in joining the international anime/manga scene.