All-New 4-Part Evangelion Movie In Works


Moon Phase has reported that there is a new Evangelion movie, to be presented in 4 episodes, slated for release in the summer of 2007. Rumours of a new 4-part Evangelion movie (3-part retelling of the TV series + an all-new 4th part ala the theatrical release of Z Gundam) had been floating around for a while, but scans from the October issue of New Type magazine have recently been posted, which actually substantiate the rumours and indicates that all 4 parts will be comprised of completely new material, as opposed to previous theatrical "remakes".

The announcement claims that "the story will follow the same timeline as the '95 TV series. However, the content will be completely different. It is not a remake, but a 'new title.'"

Further details regarding staff and excerpts from an interview with producer Toshimichi Ohtsuki are available at Anime News Service