Fist of the Northstar Live-Action...Made in South Korea

Recently a movie is becoming increasingly popular among the internet users in the South Korea. What movie? The live-action film of Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the Northstar), the hit shounen manga that has sold over 100 million copies around the world. There are many Hokuto no Ken fans in South Korea, and the anime version of Hokuto no Ken is very popular, but do how many fans knew that the live-action film of Hokuto no Ken was made in South Korea?

There are some videos going around that "introduces" this South Korean Hokuto no Ken.

Video 1:

In one of them, the viewer are presented with a comparison between the manga characters and real actors/actresses, which results in some very funny casting and awkward images.

Image: Image:

In the fighting scenes, Kenshirou's fists never touch an enemy's body. Even when strained, the actors seem expressionless.

Video 2:

The Hokuto no Ken live-action film was introduced on a Japanese TV show.

The featured title of the show was "There is Hokuto-no-ken Live-action Film in South Korea"

Video 3:

All guests in that TV show were laughing at the movie, then the copyright holder of Hokuto no Ken appeared and commented, "this movie doesn't receive any permission from us. We are going to take measures accordingly regarding this movie".


Translated by T. Ohara

*Basically the live-action film became a laughingstock for the JP fans.

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