Prince of Tennis Mangaka Ill

According to Weekly Shounen Jump's Early Sales Info, Takeshi Konomi is currently ill, and his popular series, "The Prince of Tennis," will be put on hiatus.

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OF COURSE HE IS .... :rolleyes:

I am tired of mangaka saying they are ill...Why don't they just say they are taking a break? Is that too hard for them to say?

They\'re human, most of them

They\'re human, most of them do get ill and might actually need to take a hiatus.

You will be surpirzed how

You will be surpirzed how much pressure they are on, when drawing comics with in such a fast deadline... I would probably get sick too if worked as they did.

Not suprised, happened

Not suprised, happened earlier too, if im not correct, same with that author of d. grey man.