Shounen Serialization Update

Serialization update from Shounen, Seinen, and other Male oriented Anthologies.

Champion Red September Issue (7/19)
- "Dosu Peraado" by Hideki Oowada
- "Seikon no QSAR" by Takeyoshi Satou
- "Ray - The Other Side-" by Arihito Yoshitomi

OURs plus Vol 3 (7/19)
- "Goddess Bounty" by Yoshisada Tsutsumi
- "Twinkle☆Twinkle" by Mimari Koizu
- "Omoide" by Hikaru Ninomiya

G-Fantasy September Issue (8/18)
One Shot:
- "Blade Brace" by Kanako Takagi

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the new series for OURS plus

the new series for OURS plus should be "Twinkle?Twinkle" (typo, sorry. ^^)

and the ? from my previous

and the ? from my previous comment should be the *star* but it didn't show up.. :o

LOOOL ^_^;

LOOOL ^_^;