Gantz 2nd Phase to Begin Serialization This November

The following content contains spoilers, proceed at own risk.

In a move which seems to be popular these days, after chapter 237, Hiroya Oku's Gantz will be taking a break from its serialization in Young Jump, marking the end of Part 1 of the popular seinen series.

Part 2, called Gantz -2nd Phase: Catastrophe, will begin serialization in Young Jump No. 51, on sale November 16th.


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Ahem... YAAABLAAAARGH!!!!...
Well... Thats a long time to wait ;)

i 've had been finished

i 've had been finished reading this manga today from episode 1 to 237 and now i've had to wait till november to read the 2nd phase ......owh man i'm f**k up!!! damn!!

I just finished reading

I just finished reading ch237 today (tonite). 2 more months of wait for 2nd phase! I can't wait! Gantz is part of my life now. Gantz is me!

Read it....

damn... finally got around to reading the whole thing... and its ending pisses me off... i'm not discribing it in case anyone hasn't read it and i don't wanna spoil it... but that's crap... though... didn't like the ending hopefully it'll get better soon..

Finished reading

same here ^^


perfect GANTZ, but i can't wait...!