Death Note Movie Sold Over 700,000 Tickets in First Week

The first week box office sales for the first Death Note movie was more than 700,000. Opening in the midst of the World Cup, the movie still managed to show impressive sales, as well as topping the Da Vinci Code two weeks in a row.

Currently the second part of the movie "Death Note - The Last Name" is being filmed. According to reports, in the second part there will be more scenes of Light vs. L, as Fujiwara and Matsuyama puts some distance between themselves. According to Takahiro Satoh (producer), the second part will mainly illustrate the match between Light and L," and will have a different ending from the original manga story.

All detail regarding the story are being kept a secret, but the producer says, "it'll be very shocking, but I guarantee that both manga fans and new fans will be satisfied."

There will be also upgraded sweets (for L), thought up by Matsuyama himself.