Rurouni Kenshin Manga Complete Edition, D.Gray-man Author Talks About Injury

According to the latest Shounen Jump Early Sales Info, starting July 4th, 2 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin Complete Edition manga will be released every month, with a total of 22 volumes planned. Also the Rurouni Kenshin DVD-BOX will go on sale on December 20, and will come in paulownia wood box at a price of 84,000 yen.

Also in the TOC was a comment made by D.Gray-man (which will resume serialization in Jump No. 27) mangaka Katsura Hoshino: "I'm sorry for taking such a long break. My neck is feeling much better, so I'm restarting the serialization. m(_ _)m"

For more information on the Issue 27 TOC and a translation, visit Weekly Jump.

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But what exactly is this

But what exactly is this Complete Edition? Is it a manga or DVD? or ?

"22 volumes of Rurouni

"22 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin Complete Edition manga "
LOL pathethic talk about understanding of the written text ;/
it's gonna be a rerelease of normal tanks but bigger probably 260 - 300 pages each with extras

Actually I edited the title

Actually I edited the title and the text after Shaza pointed it out, and here I thought I'm a sneaky ninja >.>

Ya... its weird to say 22

Ya... its weird to say 22 volumes because RK is 28. And as I heard it from Ocean, it will probably have the color pages.

um, im lost :?

um, im lost :?

The Kanzenban versions are

The Kanzenban versions are the "Complete Editions". The Tankoubon versions are the ones that were already release but there's a better explanation here:

Manga in Japan almost always starts off running in a magazine (such as Shounen Jump). After awhile the individual chapters are bound together and released in volumes, called tankoubon. Typically when a manga becomes very popular in Japan there will be a new release of the manga, typically known as kanzenban, or "perfect edition." These volumes are usually printed in larger volumes that hold more chapters compared to their tankoubon counterpart.
As for the second part of this question, yes and no. The covers are different and the volumes themselves are larger(meaning they hold more chapters) but the manga itself usually doesn??????t change (there??????s rare instances, such as the Dragon Ball kanzenban, where a few minor things will change or be updated). There are going to be 22 volumes of kanzenban as opposed to the original 28 volumes of tankoubon." Iyouboushi states is his Kenshin FAQ which you can download below.

This was quoted from this sites FAQ:
Download it and read it. :-D