Using Manga and Anime as a "New Dipomacy" - International Prize founded and Cultural Ambassador

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes full use of "pop culture" - such as manga, animation and music. Such pop culture is gaining popularity all over the world, and develops a chance for cultural diplomacy.

For instance, there is the International Comics Prize for foreign young mangaka, and the foundation of a "cultural-exchange intern (trainee)" system that makes an overseas student take up work in cultural exchanges at the Japanese Embassy. Many more are being considered.

The Foreign Minister, who suggested the new cultural diplomacy, admits that he is a "manga lover". He claims that the aim is to use pop culture – such as "Doraemon" and "Pocket Monsters", which have won global popularity among young people – to improve the image of Japan.

The International Manga Prize aims at young, foreign mangaka, and "serves as a gateway to youth like the Akutagawa Prize of Japanese literature" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs sources). It will collect different works during 2006 and the first winner will be decided. The winner will be invited to Japan to apprentice with a famous Japanese mangaka, so that one can study the art of manga in Japan.

A Japanese animator will be authorized as an "animation culture ambassador", and will be examining works all over the world. The first winner will be decided in the year 2006 and will be translated by 2007.

In addition, a foreign intern student will be accepted for one or two months in the embassy and consulate general in Japan, engaging in the work of cultural exchange – a proposal in which a diploma will be issued.

Broadcasting TV programs of Japanese culture internationally will also be tackled through a foreign minister's consultative body, "A Foreign Exchange Council."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs management says, "The importance of the diplomacy is to increase the public opinion of a partner country through its culture".

Source: Yomiuri
Translated by Floating_Sakura
Proofed by Iliana

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Japanese Nazi's (Aso Taro)

Japanese Nazi's (Aso Taro) propaganda.

manga propaganda is good

manga propaganda is good propaganda! :p