35th Japanese Cartoonists' Association Award Winner Announced

The winners of the 35th Japanese Cartoonists' Association Award (Nihon Mangaka Kyokai Awards) have been announced:

Grand Prize (Gold-plated plaque, medal, and 500,000-yen bonus) 2 winners:

"Akai Yuki" (Red Snow), published by Seirin Kogeisha
Explanation: It's not easy for a great 4-panel manga to become a great story manga, but he has done it. The artwork itself is magnificent. A beautiful collection of works.
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- AKI Ryuuzan
"Aki Ryuuzan Manga Correspondence," self-published
Explanation: We're stunned and amazed with every issue. Then we grovel at the feet of this king of style!
(Published monthly, currently #18)

Special Award (Silver-plated plaque, medal, and 200,000-yen bonus) 2 winning groups:

- CHON In-Kyon
"Document 2005," original submission
Explanation: A student at Kyoto Seika University, this is a satire mangaka currently making Japan his stomping grounds. The art is masterful, and the satire is effective.

- A group of 16 Japanese and French authors produced this anthology:
"JAPON," published by Asuka Shinsha
Explanation: It's wonderful that this project could even come together. The book lavishes honor and admiration on the era-defining publications of both Japan's manga scene and the world's. (Planned by Frédéric Boilet and Tenno from Asuka Shinsha)
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Ministry of Culture and Science Achievement Certificate:

- SATONAKA Machiko
For Lifetime Works and Cultural Activities
Explanation: Through years of varied and ambitious creative work as a mangaka, she has certainly helped to develop manga culture in many ways. Her contribution has been remarkable.

Translated by Sceadu