30th Kodansha Manga Award Winner Announced

The winners of the 30th Kodansha Manga Award have been announced. Kodansha Manga Award is awarded annually to works published in the previous year by Kodansha - one of the largest Japanese publishers. This year the winners are:

Children's manga category:
- Kitchen no Ohime-sama by (serialized in Nakayoshi) by Natsumi Ando (Orginal Story by Miyuki Kobayashi)

Shounen manga category:
- Air Gear (serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine) by Oh Great!

Shoujo manga category:
- Life (serialized in Betsufure) by Keiko Suenobu

General manga category:
- Mushishi (serialized in Afternoon) by Yuki Urushibara

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what!? kobayashi-sensei

what!? kobayashi-sensei didn't win anything!?