Death Box Review/Photos: Artbook = Awesome, Bonus Material = Not-so-awesome

Toy-and-figurine blog Syokugan Topics has posted reviews of the Death Note limited-edition artbook/box set Death Box in 2 segments; a rave review of the actual artbook and a decidedly luke-warm review of the bonus items (figurines, diorama, skull pendant etc).

(1) The artbook (available as the standalone title Blanc et Noir at the end of this month):

The artbook received rave reviews for having, among other things,
- a high-quality cover (not available on the standard-edition artbook)
- a range of material covering rare/obscure material such as Ayatsuri Sakon, illustrations from Erotics F, Matsuhara Makoto's "Soshite Kanojo wa... (And Then She...)" series of novels and the PS2 title Yoshitsuneden, along with more popular titles such as Hikaru no Go and Death Note, as well as all-new drawings
- different types of paper depending on the drawings (including pearl paper and washi)
- numerous pinup-posters
- an informative "making-of" article on Death Note
- color illustrations from the manga, replica stickers and duplicates of Obata's actual submissions (including instructions to assistant staff)

(2) The bonus box-set (figurines, diorama, ornamental skull & eyeball chain)

The bonus material, on the other hand, got decidedly luke-warm reviews, especially regarding the figurines/diorama for some questionable choices of hair color and downright disturbing facial details.

Syokugan Topic's conclusion (which this poster supports) is that, unless you are willing to pay large sums for skull-themed accessories, want Death Note figurines regardless of cost or quality, or absolutely must have duplicates of Obata's drawing submissions, to wait until the 31st and buy the standard-edition artbook.

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Wow, I'm really glad you

Wow, I'm really glad you posted this. I just canceled my order for the Death Box (thank goodness that HLJ doesn't process orders during Golden Week!). I'm sad about not having the stickers, but it's better than shelling out for those figures. I'll be sticking with the regular edition.