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A press conference for the movie Death Note was held recently. 9 casts attended, including Fujiwara Tatsuya, Matsuyama Ken'ichi, and Seto Asaka. Shinigami Ryuk was also present.

An apple was placed on one of the seats at the press conference. The reason behind this is because in the Manga, only those who touched the Death Note could see Ryuk, so an apple was placed in order to let people know the location of Ryuk. In the movie, Ryuk will be shown through the use of CG.

One of the questions asked during the press conference was "What would you do if your loved ones were killed by Death Note?" Many casts were lost in thought, however, Hosokawa Shigeki (FBI investigator Raye) answered "I'll take revenge without any doubt. I've read many revenge novels, so I know what I should do!" In the press conference, Fujiwara (Yagami Light) mentioned that he enjoyed playing the role of Light, with which comes extreme pressure as well as satisfaction.

Death Note the movie will open to the public on June 17th at Marunouchi Purazeeru and other locations. According to Warner Bros, ticket sales for advance sale has surpassed that of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Director: Kaneko Shuusuke
Subdirector: Yamaguchi Kouji
Director-something: Matsue Yoshiki
Camera: Takase Hiroshi
Light: Fujiwara Tatsuya
Souichiro: Kaga Takeshi
Sayu: Mishima Hikari
Sachiko: Godai Michiko
L: Matsuyama Ken'ichi
Watari: Fujiwara Shunji
Naomi: Seto Asaka
Raye: Hosokawa Shigeki
Matsuda: Aoyama Souta
Aizawa: Shimizu Shin
Ukita: Okuda Tatsuhito
Mogi: Nakamura Ikuji
Ryuk (voice): TBA
Rem (voice): TBA
Misa: Toda Erika
Shiori (original character): Kashii Yuu

Also in the news, Death Note's Theme Song "Dani California" will be sung by Red Hot Chili Peppers. According to the news, the movie producer sent Red Hot Chili Peppers an English version of Death Note. RHCP liked it a lot, and agreed to make a song for it. The Japanese version of PV will also be based on Death Note.

List of confirmed movie theaters that will be airing Death Note:

United Cinema Sapporo
Sapporo Gekijo
Sapporo Cinema Frontier

Marunouchi Prazeeru
Shinjuku Joy Cinema
Sibuya Cinepalace
Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa
MOVIX Kameari
T. Joy Ooizumi
Cinema Mediaju
NOVIX Honmoku
109 Cinemas MM Yokohama
Kawasaki Chinechitta
MOVI Akijima
109 Cinemas Grandberry Mall

Nagoya Pikaderie
109 Cinemas Nagoya
109 Cinemas Nagoya Bay City
Ion Cinema Wonder

TOHO Cinemas Nijo
Doutonbori KADOZA Kadoza
Umeda Pikaderie
Apollo Cinema 8
Fuse Line Cinema 10
Takatsuki Cinema R170
Kobe Kokusai Shochiku
109 Cinemas HAT Kobe

Fukuoka Taiyo
UC Canal City 13
United Cinema Fukuoka


*Special thanks to ocean and the dn_apples lj community for the news and articles.

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The time has come for :O

The time has come for :O

I wonder if they'll ever

I wonder if they'll ever show that in theatre here? Afterall, it IS a Warner Brothers Ineternational Film.

thanks for the info. just

thanks for the info. just wonder if they're going to show the movie in the UK, really hoping for it. *fingercross and pray*

That new RHCP song seems

That new RHCP song seems like a weird choice for DN...

Death Note The Live Movie,

Death Note The Live Movie, Is it really that good? (That is not suppose a bad compliment) This is positively cool! Death Note is a Japanes Mang, aint it! They previewed it once in Shonen Jump. (I Think!!)
But come'on now, is there going to be a the japanese dub going to be translated into english dub version?
Because, I am really interested in seeing the motion pitchure on the big screen!

is that nanahara kun from

is that nanahara kun from battle royale?? *drool*

... Yea, I agree with

... Yea, I agree with Sceadu. I really can't imagine that RHCP song in the movie! So weird!
Anyways, I'm hyped for this movie! Can't wait for it to come out!

yes, my friend and I have

yes, my friend and I have already decided to kill if DN doesn't come to America...