PiQ: A Brief Analysis of ADV's Newtype Replacement

topComing in on the heels of Newtype USA's cancellation arrives PiQ, ADV's new entry into the magazine industry. Boosting content that reaches out to a broader audience, PiQ leaves the anime-focused style of Newtype for a wider spectrum of content including video games, comic books and popular television series.

"The primary goals of PiQ are to share and celebrate the love we have for these particular forms of entertainment with our readers, as well as shine a light on those often-overlooked projects, artists, creators and studios throughout the entertainment world." - PiQmag.com

The first issue of PiQ hit newsstands across North America in early March, sporting an image from the recently released Appleseed: Ex Machina, at a cover price of $6.99/US ($7.99/CAN). The price tag, lower than its predecessor, can partially be accounted for by the absence of bonus content, such as DVDs or posters. PiQ has formally stated there will also no be such inserts in future issues.

Those previously subscribed to Newtype USA are slated to receive two issues of PiQ for each remaining issue of Newtype they had remaining in their accounts. PiQ will be released on a monthly basis.

PiQ: Entertainment for the Rest of Us
Issue 01 April 2008

From the Editor:

"Good God, why are we launching something like PiQ, in 2008, and having the gall to charge cash money for it, even? I'll ignore the real answer for a moment - that writing a magazine beats frying up mac-and-cheese at T.G.I. Fri's all night - and shift the question over to you instead. What do you want out of a mag... and out of what you watch, play, listen to, whatever every day?

You know who you are by now. The sight of your parents sitting there every night, disinterestedly watching CSI or Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader?, is a bit scary to you. You're more likely to spend a Sunday afternoon bumping around YouTube, reading about old computers, or acting like an idiot on Team Fortress 2. You also like the road less traveled, the more hidden bits of modern life. It's not that you hate popular things (South Park is still good, sorry guys), but you get a thrill out of discovering amazing things in the unlikeliest of places - the one Planetes foundering in a sea of Love Hinas.

To you, leisure is something you define - the time, the place, what it runs on. You're the future of consumerism, really... but in the eyes of most companies, you still aren't "normal." That's why PiQ is entertainment for the rest of us. Video games, movies, TV, anime, comics, tantric sex - whatever it is you have fun doing, we'll cover it (except that last one, unless I can find someone to demonstrate it for me at the office). And "you" is the operative term here. We're dying to hear what you think and what you ant, so stop by piqmag.com and tell us. See you next month."

- Kevin Gifford

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General Content Breakdown:

Pages: 128

  • Anime: 20 pages (approx. 15%)
  • Movies: 10 pages (approx. 8%)
  • Video Games: 13 pages (approx. 10%)
  • Comics: 8 pages (approx. 6%)
  • Television Series: 12 pages (approx. 9%)
  • Interview/Profiles: 12 pages (approx. 9%)
  • Other: 17 pages (approx. 16%)
  • Manga Insert: 14 pages (approx. 11%)
  • Advertisements: 22 pages (approx. 16%)
Front Cover: Appleseed: Ex Machina
Inside Cover - pg01: Advertisements (Battlestar Galatica Toys)
Pg02: Letter from Editor, Editor's Guarantee Pg03: Advertisement (No More Heroes - VG)
Pg04: Content Index Pg05: Advertisement (CMX manga)
Pg06: Content Index cont'd, magazine credits Pg07: Advertisement (Mana Khemia - VG)
Pg08: Advertisements (Bandai DVDs) Pg09: FF Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates(VG)
Pg10: Dororo (manga), Kite Liberator (anime) Pg11: Advertisement (RightStuf)
Pg12: (VG) Arcana Heart, Rondo of Swords, Baroque Pg13: Advertisement (Ninja Gaiden - VG)
Pg14: Sweeny Todd (movie) Serenity, Batman R.I.P, Hellboy (comics) Pg15: Speedster Art Contest, Sam & Max (comic), Advertisement (The Third DVD)
Pg16: Advertisement (High Moon web-comic) Pg17: 30 Days of Night, CowboyBebop, Human Giant S01, Gattaca, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! S01 (DVDs) Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden (VG)
Pg18: Appleseed: Ex Machina (movie) Pg19: Appleseed: Ex Machina (movie) cont'd
Pg20: John Woo (executive producer) Pg21: John Woo (executive producer) cont'd
Pg22: Masamune Shirow (creator) Pg23: Masamune Shirow (creator) cont'd
Pg24: Jonathan Chou (co-producer) Pg25: Jonathan Chou (co-producer) cont'd
Pg26: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (VG) Pg27: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (VG) cont'd
Pg28: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (VG) cont'd Pg29: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (VG) cont'd
Pg30: Speed Racer Live-action (movie) Pg31: Speed Racer Live-action (movie) cont'd
Pg32: "Skrulls" (Marvel comics) Pg33: "Skrulls" (Marvel comics) cont'd
Pg34: "Skrulls" (Marvel comics) cont'd Pg35: "Skrulls" (Marvel comics) cont'd
Pg36: XXXHolic (anime) Pg37: XXXHolic (anime) cont'd
Pg38: Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated series) Pg39: Avatar: The Last Airbender cont'd
Pg40: Avatar: The Last Airbender cont'd Pg41: Avatar: The Last Airbender cont'd
Pg42: Avatar: The Last Airbender cont'd Pg43: Avatar: The Last Airbender cont'd
Pg44: N (VG) Pg45: N (VG) cont'd
Pg46: Code Geass (anime) Pg47: Code Geass (anime) cont'd
Pg48: Code Geass (anime) cont'd Pg49: Code Geass (anime) cont'd
Pg50: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (tv series) Pg51: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cont'd
Pg52: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cont'd Pg53: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cont'd
Pg54: The Art of Love (movie) Pg55: The Art of Love (movie) cont'd
Pg56: Tin Man (tv series) Pg57: Tin Man (tv series) cont'd
Pg58: Advertisement (Anime Castle) Pg59: Review section introduction
Pg60: Review: Teeny Witches vol01 (anime) Pg61: Review: Teeny Witches vol01 (anime) cont'd
Pg62: Review: Aquarion S01 Part 1 (anime) Pg63: Review: Aquarion S01 Part 1 (anime) cont'd
Pg64: Review: Patapon (VG) Pg65: Review: Patapon (VG) cont'd
Pg66: Review: Battlestar Galactica: S03 (tv series) Pg67: Review: Battlestar Galactica: S03 cont'd
Pg68: Review: Frisky Dingo: S01 (animated series) Pg69: Review: Frisky Dingo: S01 cont'd
Pg70: Advertisement (Appleseed: Ex Machina DVD) Pg71: Review: Justice Society of America vol02: Thy Kingdom Come Part 1 (comic)
Pg72: Review: Fullmetal Alchemist S02 Part 2 (anime) Pg73: Independence Day (movie)
Pg74: Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (VG) Pg75: Advertisement (Gantz box-set)
Pg76: Review: The Ten-Cent Plague (book) Pg77: Advertisement (Roadwarrior bust figurines)
Pg78: Letters to the magazine Pg79: Letters to the magazine cont'd
Pg80: LARPing Pg81: LARPing cont'd
Pg82: LARPing cont'd Pg83: LARPing cont'd
Pg84: Ohayocon Pg85: Ohayocon cont'd
Pg86: Con date listings Pg87: Advertisement (Sakura-con 2008)
Pg88: Advertisement (Azumanga Dio manga) Pg89: Advertisement (Everybody Cosplay book)
Pg90: "Is Anime Dead?" Pg91: "Is Anime Dead?" cont'd
Pg92: "Is Anime Dead?" cont'd Pg93: "Is Anime Dead?" cont'd
Pg94: "Is Anime Dead?" cont'd Pg95: "Is Anime Dead?" cont'd
Pg96: Naruto video games, Lists (Top 10 Selling Manga, Top 10 Real Hentai Anime Names) Pg97: Advertisement (PiQ subscriptions)
Pg98: "Asian Invasion" (asian films), "The Line Between Camp and Crap" (bad movie project) Pg99: 'Curses' - Future of the Left (CD), 'We Have You Surrounded' - The Dirtbombs (CD), "Don't Smurf Me, Bro" (The Smurfs)
Pg100: Shinichi Shiraishi (illustrator) Pg101: Shinichi Shiraishi (illustrator) cont'd
Pg102: "Model Citizen" (building model mechs) Pg103: Advertisement (Neon Genesis Evangelion boxset)
Pg104: "Softbank 91 3SH G Type-Char" (Japanese gundam cell phone) Pg105: "Kewpie Kewsion" (custom Kewpie dolls)
Pg106: Interview with Bob Bates (co-founder of Legend Entertainment, text-based video game company) Pg107: Interview with Bob Bates cont'd
Pg108: Interview with Bob Bates cont'd Pg109: Interview with Bob Bates cont'd
Pg110: "Pig - Stop With the DVDs Already" Pg111: Advertisement (Elfein Leid DVD Box-set)
Pg112: Advertisement (Kiichi & the Magic Books manga) Pg113: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan
Pg114: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg115: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg116: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg117: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg118: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg119: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg120: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg121: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg122: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg123: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg124: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg125: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg126: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Pg127: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd
Pg128: Manga: Crayon Shin-chan cont'd Back Inside Cover: Advertisement (J-Box.com, J-list.com)
Back Cover: Advertisement (Appleseed: Ex Machina)

Below is a brief list of some PiQ reviews and discussions:

Written by Kuri


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All PiQ has done for me is to make me angry. (Read on for detailed explanations or don't if you liked it)
I skimmed through all 4 of those magazines and it's horrible. All it is doing is mixing Japanese entertainment (that other countries rarely hear about) with American entertainment (a bunch of bull that we've had enough of hearing about). I don't want to read a magazine where I'm reading about things like Code Geass, Maburaho, and Noir and then turn the page and it's a big picture of Spongebob or Drake & Josh. It makes me grind my teeth in disgust. I'm sure anime fans in America are sick of companies that transfer Anime from Japan trying to "Americanize" all of the foreign entertainment. I understand trying to make things more suitable for younger people, but completely changing names, plot and other important details is going way to far. PiQ is just another attempt at localizing things. These changes are outrageous. I say "Stop. If everyone wants it to stay with the original output, why tweak it in a way that angers the readers. Is that your new marketing plan. If so, then you're right. It did fail due to 'lack of proper marketing'. That plan sucks." I'm sick of their attempts at keeping our interest.

angry at PiQ too

if i want to read blockbuster reviews, i would read Empire. if i want to read about games, i would grab a copy of Gamefreak, and if i wanted to read about some tv series i've never heard of, which i don't, i'm sure there's a better magazine out there dedicated to that. PiQ is forgetting that it self is suppose to be a newtype successor, and it's pretty safe to say that the majority of PiQ readers were newtype readers, yet PiQ has turned it's back on the readers, and continues to dissapoint us issue after issue, and if there's a magazine out there with even 1% more of anime content, i would not hesitate to drop PiQ for good.


Like these two poor souls, i also feel ill about what happened. My favorite magazine Newtype stripped from me with out so much as an explanation...only a tiny little blurb on the very last page of the very last issue of Newtype(which i thought was a joke to be honest)

So PiQ comes and im like, "wtf is this shit!". Then they tell me they are going to give me an extra issue for my remaining subscription(which i just happened to renew, how unlucky of me)

THEN to top it ALL OFF! They stop publishing it...leaving me screwed from many angles. The disapointment, sadness, and fury i feel can only be erased with NEWTYPE!!

I have to settle for Otaku USA now...which is ok. A whole lot better than PiQ, but no where near MY Newtype...


just found this post and now im just about in tears newtype was great i could of got used to piq but to tope what the last guy sed i got you beat first when my newtype was allmust up i renew for the 1 year but i lost my stub saying i payd it and got a waring saying i was almost up with newtpye so i rite them one more scheck this time 4 the 2 year fined the old stub ask them if thay can just cash both and give me the 3 years thay sed sure 5 months later bye bye newtype so now this otako is out more then most and dos not have the green to get a new mag andt that a female dog


Dear Publisher,

Please confirm if customers will be eligible for a refund if they do not wish to receive TWO ISSUES OF PIQ for each remaining issue of NEWTYPE they had remaining in their accounts.


Tarah A. Milam
EBSCO Information Services
Publisher Services/Cancellations
Post Office Box 1943
Birmingham, Alabama 35201-1943
Direct Phone:205-980-3989