Otaku vs. Normal People

imgAre you an Otaku? Below is a translated version of a Japanese chart/quiz that shows the difference in perspective between a Normal Person and an Otaku, test your otakuness!

The symbols are as follow:
@ Way above normal people
O Normal People
% In between
! Otaku (the number of ! means the level of otakuness)

The Difference in Perspective Between Average People and Otaku

O Lupin has small ankles.
! In the original, Keiji Melon is a male, but in the new Lupin, female.

O The conductor of Galaxy Express 999 is a transparent person.
! The Star Train from the Bandai Toys is actually branded with 999 brand name gold alloy.

O Giant* is actually pretty nice in the movie.
! Sunetsugu** is actually adopted.
*nick name given to Gouda Takeshi from Doraemon
** nickname given to Soneo from Doraemon

O I want a Dokodemo Door.
! I want a Uso 800.
* Both are gadgets from Doraemon, except Dokodemo doors appear in almost every episode, while the Uso 800 is specific.

O Evangelion
! Gasaraki

O Mobile Suit
! Valkyrie

O A punishment for the moon.
! A chastisement for Mars.

O I want to fly in the Takecoptor*.
% I want to use the Expression Controller* to make Lawyer Kitamura laugh.
! I want to hit Laywer Kitamura with the Geramesopun Pistol*.
! I want to get rid of Lawyer Kitamura with the Time Baka-bomb*.
! I want to install the Magic Ass on Lawyer Kitamura
*A gadget from Doraemon.

O Yatterman's voice is the same as Nobita's.
! Heisei Bakabon's voice is Hayashibara, how can I go on living...

@ Shizuka-chan*1
O Miyo-chan*2
O Baako*3
% Yocchan
% Mami*4
% Yumeko-chan*5
! Erisama*6
! Naoya-chan*7
! Ako-chan*8
! Takane-chan*9
*1 Heroine in Doraemon.
*2 Heroine in Kiteretsu Daihyakka, another of Fujio F. Fujiko work.
*3 Heroine from Patman, another famous Fujio F. Fujiko work.
*4 Heroine from Psychic Mami, a short series by Fujio F. Fujiko
*5 Heroine from Gegege no Kitarou (another anime classic with a new series almost every decade)
*6 Heroine from Chinpui, a Fujio F. Fujiko work that has only been serialized for 2 chapters before he died. No tankobon is out.
*7 Heroine from Progolfer Saru, a Fujio F. Fujiko work dated back in the 60's.
*8 Some female character from Kaibutsu-kun, another Fujio F. Fujiko work from the 60's.
*9 A female character that looks like a little black thingy in a Fujio F Fujiko work called Jungle Kurobe. According to ja.wikipedia.org, the character design from Jungle Kurobe is done by Miyazaki Hayao in his noobie days.

O Koetetsu-Jeeg's ending is so long!
! Baratack's ending is soooooo long!

O Densha Otoko's books huh, I've read them!
! Densha Otaku's thread huh, I've written on it!

O I've started liking the new Gundam!
% I think it's called Gundam Seed Destiny?
! There's still only the summary for Taneshi?

O It's almost time for the last train.
! At **:**, XX line is the last train.

O I watch Gundam often.
% I watch Eureka 7 often.
! I watch Sousei no Aquarion often.

O Girls with two ponytails are cute.
! Twin-tails* are cute.
* An otaku word that combines Osage (braids) and the english word pigtails.

O Kneesocks are cute!
! Kneeso, Moe!!

O Densha Otaku is very popular huh.
! Single boards don't work!

O Toda Keiko = Anpanman's voice
! Toda Keiko = Matilda's voice*
*from the original Gundam, I think.

O Dead Sea -> It has a dense concentration with salt, so your body will float, right?
! Dead Sea -> Where Seele found the Dead Sea Scroll.

ニート (pronounce: Ni-to)
O ニート? That's the term for young people who don't work*
X ニート? Jamil**
* NEET - (young people not in education, employment or training)
** Neate (need I say more, you gundamtards)

O FF is the games with pretty graphics, right?
% (If you're a male, this is O) FF is interesting~ it moved me!
! Since the PS, it's just a Moe game... Haahaa
! X1 is a shitty game for retards!

O Toda Keiko from Shomuni is also a voice actress.
% Yeah, she did Anpanman.
! yeah, and she married the guy from Shaa.

When you see a dog being kicked...
O What are you doing! That's animal abuse!
! Whatcha doing... Yurusan!
$TL note: Yurusan, a saying from Saint Seiya

Tsuki ha Higashi ni, Hi wa Nishi ni
O YosanoBusou*
% Manga
X H-game
* Some famous painter in the Edo period

You're going to die
O Fist of the North Star, right?
% Hidebu
! Abeshi
!! Uwaraba!*
!!! I have no more regrets for the rest of my life!
!!!! Apupa!!
!!!!!! Isn't it "You're already dead..."
*Apparently the original story borrowed

O Nomanomaie! The neko character is cute!
% It was a hit internet phenomenon!
! Pya! Something that the comment boards sadly occupies.
!! The actual title is "Dragostea Din Tei".

@ The Acronym for Before Centuries
O The public Advertising Companies
O Alternative Current Adaptor
O Adult Children
% Arcade
% Legally Incorporated Educational Institute Homepage's Website
! Ace Combat
! Another Code
!! Armour Class
!!! Auto Counter
!!! When the ninja disrobes it's amazing

O Paradise
O Something something from the bible, right?
O Israel
O The place where Eve ate the apple with Adam
% Dragon Quest 7
! The GOLI pictures are getting old.
!! Eden's Bowy
!! Arai Akino
!!! THe location of Osaka after being conquered by a female dominated Country, Weimii
!!!! Isn't Eden the Neighbour of Iraq?

Horie Yui
O Who?
! She's a Seiyuu, right?
!!!! Hocchan! Ho, Hooo, Hoaaa-...!! Aaahhh-!

O I watch nothing but news.
! They did CardCaptor Sakura and they have tons of high quality anime.
!! Nihon Hikikomori Koukai (Japanese Social Withdrawal Association)

Enclosure Game
O What's that?
% Quicks
! Gals Panic
!! Monster Club

Lupin's voice:
O Kurita Kanichi*
! Yamada Yasuo**
! Furukawa Toshio***
*the seiyuu for Lupin the 3rd.
**the seiyuu for the original Lupin the 3rd in the 70's
***the seiyuu for Lupin the III OVA

Talk about a cancelled manga.
O I don't remember manga once it's cancelled
% Busou Renkin
!! Rocket Suddenly ended!
!!! Sword Master Yamato

O Alice in Wonderland
! Alice 7*
*ALICEの舘7 (famous h-game maker)

Talk about Fujio F. Fujiko
O Doraemon, and it's really two people.
% F is dead. He did a drama manga Oba-Q.
! Oba-Q drama manga was the only Oba-Q I got while it was running.

O Hamburger
% Computer
! Shiro Yamaokoa* likes to use it (Shiro Yamaokoa is the protagonist of the cooking manga/closet right-wing social commentary manga Oishinbo)
!! The leader is Dan Moroboshi**.
!!! Annihilated at Episode 40!
!!!! MAC was completely destroyed because of the suprise attack at the launch meeting!
* Some photographer
** from Ultraman

O I often tumbled on it in PE.
! The returned Ultraman's*......
!! The actual title is Monster Attack Crew!
!!! But that's some really strange grammar...
*TV show in the 60's

O Loose Socks
! Knee Socks
!!! Thigh High

@ Cutie Honey
! Cutie Honey F

O Morning Musume
! Chekikko
!! Tokyo Performance Doll
!!! Osaka Performance Doll

O Eh, no way.
! O RLY?

O ATM machine
! Taisensha Misairu*
*Translation: Anti Tank Missle

Original Article
Translated by: Floating_Sakura
Proofed by: lijakaca
Additional Thanks: Neuroretardant

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Thank god! I only got "!" on

Thank god! I only got "!" on three or four of them. Most of these really left me behind...I'm just glad there were no questions about Kawasumi Ayako. Then, I'd be in "!!!" territory...heh.

hahaha.. jiji.. ^_^

hahaha.. jiji.. ^_^


nhk bahahahahahahahahahaha

(In other news, thank you & well done.)

I didn't know ANY of

I didn't know ANY of them..*hunts for the yaoi section*

Hmmm.. I wonder if there's a

Hmmm.. I wonder if there's a yaoi section for it... would be interesting...

Heh... Some of them are

Heh... Some of them are kinda funny though, like the one about Eden, Iraq's neighbour... :P

BUT, most of the circles

BUT, most of the circles would be otaku-level in the case of non-Japanese people.

O ATM machine ! Taisensha

O ATM machine
! Taisensha Misairu*

perhaps the 'way above normal' would say "ATM" and not Automatic Teller Machine Machine =p

It really IS MAT - Monster

It really IS MAT - Monster Attack Team, thank you.

The NETABARE becomes popular in Japan.

The NETABARE becomes popular in Japan.



It seems that I had a more negative definition of "otaku" than what it actually is . . . in the same way that people dress up for star wars, etc. I think that people just find that kind of behaviour too different from the norm, which causes discomfort.