December, 2006

topTakehiko Inoue's Vagabond, which began serialization in Kodansha's Weekly Morning in 1998, is a samurai manga based on Eiji Yoshikawa's novel Miyamoto Musashi. The manga won the 4th Media Arts Festival Grand Prize and the 24th Kodansha Award for Best Manga in 2000, as well as the 6th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award in 2002.

Now in its eighth year of serialization, the series is getting closer to its final story arc. In November SWITCH ON Excite released an interview on Inoue's Vagabond. The article explores the development of his drawing techniques, his plans for Vagabond, and more.

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Publishers Weekly reports that Advanced Marketing Services, which owns distributor Publishers Group West, has filed for bankruptcy.

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From Anime Boredom comes an interview with Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold, who is also the writer of Aoi House.

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From Newsarama comes an interview with Witchblade Takeru Artist Kazasa Sumita.

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Go! Comi has announced the opening of its online store. Also available is a trailer of Go! Comi's upcoming manga TRAIN + TRAIN by Hideyuki Kurata.

top12/28 Update: The official website of Kara no Kyoukai has opened at, and the new adaption will be a feature film (as oppposed to an ainme TV series) titled Kara no Kyoukai ~Garden of Sinners~.


According to rumors in Japan, Type-Moon's novel Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界) will be adapted into an anime TV series.

The rumor began earlier this month when Ryogi Shiki, the main character of Kara no Kyoukai, appeared in the 2007 Illustration Calendar of the anime magazine Newtype. It was also announced that a Kara no Kyoukai pin-up poster will appear in next month's issue of Newtype.

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A new film adaption of Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump has been announced, more information will be available in the February issue of Monthly Shonen Jump, on sale 1/6.

In its latest article "La Nouvelle Manga," ICv2 takes a look at the Nouvelle Manga movement, and especially titles published by Fanfare/Ponent Mon.

On the 25th of December, a report from the child protection society (the same group mentioned in this article) concluded that "30% of seijin manga (adult manga) contain depiction of sexual intercourse involving children, and juveniles are able to purchase such manga via the internet."

The child protection group, which also serves as the personal advisory group of Metropolitan Police Life Safety Director Yutaka Takehana, points out that the current situation is hurting the "Harmful Book Act," and suggests that measures be taken to prevent the sales of adult manga to juveniles.

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The winners of the 2006 IMAF Awards have been announced.

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ICv2 reports that volume 15 of Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Baskets, currently being published by Tokyopop, made it to No.5 on last week's BookScan list. Four volumes of Naruto also made it to the top ten.

Atsushi Yamasaki (NSFW), whose works have appeared in magazines such as Comic Tenma (NSFW), passed away this month during a traffic accident.

Yahoo! Japan has opened a special commemoration website to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kodansha's Afternoon. The anniversary website will be open from December 25th to February 26th 2007.

MangaCast reports that Keiko Takemiya's Andromeda Stories has appeared on listed under Vertical.

Conrad Publishing company will releasing Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss (パラダイス・キス) in Brazil sometime in 2007. According to Shoujo Café, depending on the success of Paradise Kiss, Conrad may also release Nana (ナナ).

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topTokoToko Editor's Misc. Note, a blog run by a female manga editor who has been in the business for over 15 years, has posted a multi-part article titled "The Reason I Quit My Job as a Manga Editor." Below is a translation of part one of the article:

The Reason I Quit My Job as a Manga Editor Part I

The short answer - I can't communicate well with others. That's all.

The long story - I knew manga to some extent and liked it, so I wanted to be a manga editor since I thought I could handle it. Besides, I didn't want to edit anything else other than manga.

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top2006 was a bad year for manga publications in China. Major magazines and anthologies were either discontinued or went on an "indefinite hiatus." Some say 2006 marks the lowest point of China's manga magazine market.

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Manga Jouhou has announced a "Chain Mail – Win It Before You Can Buy It Contest," where eight copies of the new novel Chain Mail from Tokyopop will be given to those who can write the best "Tanka" (a kind of Japanese poetry).

Broccoli Books now has its own MySpace page.

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Aya Nakahara's Lovely Complex, also known as Love★Com, will be adapted into an anime TV series.


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Title Publisher
Aishiteruze Baby (5) Viz Media
Baby & Me (3) Viz Media
Beauty Pop (2) Viz Media
Bleach (16) Viz Media
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