New Features

Some may have already noticed, ComiPress has implemented some new features, bringing it one step closer to the end of Beta! (Yeah, that's right, we're still in Beta)

Print Articles: Found an interesting article but have no time to read it online, but printing it messes up the format? You can now access a printer friendly version of the articles published here, just look for the "Print This Post" link.

Smilies: XD ;) :x :o :P :D :? :3 :) :( 8) -_- ^_^;:oops::sleep::ninja::rolleyes::doraemon::banghead:

Comment Preview: You can now preview your comments in the box right below the insert comment box.

WhosOnline: Feel lonely? See who's online!

Forum: Last but not least, instead of spamming around my email hoping someone would send me their opinions/suggestions, you can now post your opinions, suggestions, and any bugs you find on our forum! Or just go discuss the latest news or our projects, such as Backstage.