In response to Death Note/Hikaru no Go artist Takeshi Obata's recent arrest, Shueisha, his publisher, has announced that, until they can verify the details of the incident, they are not considering any actions such as pulling his work from stores.

Of Obata's work, Hikaru no Go (story: Yumi Hotta) has sold approximately 10 million copies over the span of 23 volumes, while Death Note (story: Tsugumi Ohba) has sold approximately 20 million copies over a span of 12 volumes. Publicists for Shueisha commented, "we are currently verifying the factual details of this incident, and are not considering pulling titles from circulation or any such action at this time."

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The cast for the upcoming Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime was announced in Weekly Shonen Jump No.41 (9/11).

Hiroya Oku, mangaka of Gantz, will be working on a new series titled Me-Teru no Kimochi. The first chapter will appear in Young Jump No. 40, on sale 31 August.

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imgMoePre has an interesting analysis of the recent attempts by Shonen Jump to better market itself to the fujoshi* demographic.


(1) Literally "rotten girl" (腐女子). A pun, based on the homonymous term for women (婦女子). Ironical self-description by readers of Yaoi/Boys Love. (Urban Dictionary)

(2) Pertaining to manga/anime, girls who like gays (translator)

translator's aside: it would help to have a basic understanding of otaku terminology such as fujoshi (explained above), yaoi/BL (explained in the article) and moe before reading this article.

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According to Weekly Shounen Jump's Early Sales Info, Takeshi Konomi is currently ill, and his popular series, "The Prince of Tennis," will be put on hiatus.

The following content contains spoilers, proceed at own risk.

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No. 32 (7/10)
- "Tsugihagi Hyouryuu Sakka" by Nishi Kouhei

No. 33 (7/15)
- "Over Time" by Yoichi Amano

No. 34 (7/24)
- "Zan" by Sugita Naoya

According to some early info, in Weekly Shounen Jump No. 31 (7/9), an announcement will be made regarding a D.Gray-man anime in Fall 2006.

3 new series starting in Monthly Shounen Jump:

August Issue (7/6)
- "Douran" by Asaki Ooga
September Issue (8/5)
- "Kesatsu Inu Kinzoo" by Me Sasaki
Octobor Issue
- "Tegami Bachi by Hiroyuki Asada

Also an important announcement regarding Norihiro Yagi's

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According to the latest Shounen Jump Early Sales Info, starting July 4th, 2 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin Complete Edition manga will be released every month, with a total of 22 volumes planned. Also the Rurouni Kenshin DVD-BOX will go on sale on December 20, and will come in paulownia wood box at a price of 84,000 yen.

Also in the TOC was a comment made by D.Gray-man (which will resume serialization in Jump No. 27) mangaka Katsura Hoshino: "I'm sorry for taking such a long break. My neck is feeling much better, so I'm restarting the serialization. m(_ _)m"

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