Tokyo Polytechnic University Department of Manga and Ritsumeikan University Image Arts Faculty to be Established

The MEST (Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) has accepted the establishment of the Department of Manga at the Tokyo Polytechnic University and the Image Arts Faculty at the Ritsumeikan University this coming spring. Both universities will begin working on the installation of the new courses in their media contents field.

The Department of Manga at the Tokyo Polytechnic University will be a regular cartoon course in Japan. This kind of courses is very rare today, it will provide not only an academic approach, such as the history and art theory of Manga, but also the theory of the publishing business of Manga, and methods of creating Manga in a studio. The Tokyo Polytechnic University is also planning to establish a Game creation course, which will specialize in the game field of the Animation Subject that currently exists.

The Ritsumeikan University Image Faculty will provide a comprehensive way of studying the image culture. The program will contain the approaches found in the current image arts, technologies, and the businesses. The faculty will look at various forms of media contents, such as movies, games, anime, CG graphics, and more.

Both of these courses take a new comprehensive approach to Manga and the Image Arts. This trend might gather attention in the future. Also, the MEST has already accepted Kyoto Art and Design University'€™s Department of Art Movie Subject and Character Design Subject, Mejiro University Media Expression Subject, Takarazuka Art University’s Media Contents Faculty, Jobu College’s Media Managements Subject, Kyoto Saga Art University's Department of Media Desain Subject, etc.

Nowadays, the administration is making a effort to improve human resources in the media contents field, as well as the welfare and biotechnology fields, which serve as a background to the continual establishment of new subjects.

Translated by T. Ohara

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Translator's comment The

Translator's comment
The management of the university is a very good business because the government gives the subsidiary aid to the universities.
As the base of these continuous institution of "the manga faculties", there is a fact that there are too many universities in Japan and most of new or nameless universities are facing shortage of the students. They are eagerly trying to attract the high school students.
In Japan, actually still manga is not a respected culture. Even most of mangaka seem "the manga faculty" is a kind of bad joke and it's totally useless.

I must advice the readers don't seriously think about to go to Japan to "study" at these poor manga faculties.