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- Penguin Shobo Publishing Inc.

Penguin Shobo Declares Bankruptcy, Comic Seed To Cease Publication:

The following excerpt was posted on the blog of Kizuki Akira, author of the manga "Yoiko no Mirai!" currently running in Comic Seed, a free online monthly manga anthology published by Penguin Shobo:

Regarding the Bankruptcy of Penguin Shobo and My Future

I received permission to make a public announcement today: as some of you are undoubtedly aware, Penguin Shobo, the publisher for whom I write, has declared bankruptcy.

It came as a surprise to everyone: I myself only found out about it last weekend.

As a result, Comic Seed will cease publication after this month's issue. Staff are still working hard without pay, but there are currently no prospects of the magazine starting back up again.

Comic Seed is slated to go offline within the next 2 to 3 days. Comic Seed itself was profitable, but regrettably it ended up being taken down along with its parent company, Penguin Shobo.

The following notice also appeared on Comic Seed's website:

Notice of Suspension of Publication

We apologize for the abrupt news, but due to the liquidation of Penguin Shobo Publishing, Comic Seed will cease publication. Effective Thursday, November 3rd, all content will be erased from this site, and Comic Seed will no longer be available for viewing. We thank the support that you, the readers, have given us for over 3 years since our inception.

Comic Seed!