From Icarus Publishing's blog comes a preview (NSFW) of the adult manga coming out in December 2007, based on Diamond Previews for October (Shipping in December 07).

Also, Yaoi Press blog announces that the Yaoi Hentai series will end with the release of volume 4 next month.

Original Graphic Novel Based on The Dark Crystal scheduled for Holiday 2007 Release

Los Angeles, CA (September, 2007) – TOKYOPOP, the #1 publisher of manga in the U.S. and The Jim Henson Company, the worldwide leader in puppetry, animatronics, and family entertainment for more than half a century, are thrilled to announce Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars, the all-new manga prequel to The Dark Crystal, Henson's classic tale of good vs. evil. Written by Barbara Randall Kesel (Meridian), with illustrations by Heidi Arnhold & Max Kim and a special cover painted by Jae-Hwan Kim (Warcraft, War Angels, King of Hell), Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars provides a unique opportunity to further explore this unparalleled world, manga-style!

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The Chemistry Set is pleased to announce that Filipino comicker Andrew Drilon and his series, Kare-Kare Komiks, is joining it's line-up. Previously displayed at Warren Ellis' forum The Engine, Drilon is bringing his unique and emboldened take on comics to a bigger semi-monthly starting September 19th, 2007.

"These are wonderful," says Warren Ellis. "I swear, the Pinoy make comics in the same way that the Icelandic make music ... Fucking genius."

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San Jose, CA, September, 2007. DrMaster has reacquired the rights to the popular zombies-and-vampires action-comedy, Dark Edge by Yu Aikawa. Volume 7 will be released April 2007, with volume 8 following in July 2008!

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According to DMP's latest blog post, due to licensing issues, future volumes of Robot will most likely not be released (originally announced at AX07):

Unfortunately, we had sad news that we announced previously at Anime Expo 2007. Due to some licensing issues, we will most likely not be seeing Robot Vol. 4 +. In a nutshell, it's pretty much stuck in "licensing hell".

We're very dissapointed in the news and apologize to all the fans of the series.

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Brazilian publsiher Conrad Publishing has licensed Akira Toriyama's Cowa, and will be releasing manga in Brazil this October. Other Toriyama manga licensed by Conrad include Kajika, Neko Majin, Marusaku, Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball.

Source: Papo de Budega

San Jose, CA, September 2007. DrMaster Publications Inc. has just announced the anticipated street date for Metro Survive, volume 1, a suspenseful tale that envisions the bleak future of Tokyo and its ten lone survivors after a catastrophic earthquake rocks the city.

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According to Heisei Democracy, Hobby Japan will be releasing a collection of short comics titled Happy Fujoshi, which will feature works from 15 BL and shoujo mangaka detailing the daily lives of fujoshi:

"At last, a collection of authentic tales of the fujoshi lifestyle is introduced!", says the ad copy. "We've appointed boys' love and shoujo manga artists to bring you this assortment of happy love-love stories. The unbelievable daily lives of fujoshi will grab hold of your heart!"

San Jose, CA, September 2007. DrMaster Publications Inc. has just announced the street date of volume 5 of the popular series Lunar Legend Tsukihime. Fans of the hit Japanese anime, not to mention those of you lucky enough to play the import PC game, will revel in the thrilling continuation of Tsukihime.

A childhood accident has left young Shiki Tohno with a very special ability. He can now see the hidden lines or weak points in all things- be they organic or inanimate. By striking or cutting along these lines Shiki can slice through virtually anything like a hot knife through butter. Unfortunately the gift comes packaged with a nearly irresistible urge to kill using this new ability.

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