DDDKinoko Nasu, the mastermind behind the story of Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, is also the author of the novel Kara no Kyoukai (of which a featured film was recently announced). However, Kara no Kyoukai was not Nasu's only novel. On January 9th, Kodansha released volume 1 of Nasu's other novel, DDD, under its Kodansha BOX imprint.

The story of DDD was originally published in the magazine Faust. DDD volume 1 includes "J the E" (Faust September issue 2004), "HandS. (R)" (Faust November issue 2005) and "HandS. (L)" (Faust December issue 2005), and a new story titled "formaal hunt."

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Comic Book Resources reports that Top Cow Productions has released the official preview trailer for the upcoming Witchblade Manga. The trailer can be found on YouTube and Revver.

Sansai Books has released a new otaku-oriented mook titled Modern Visual Culture Research. The mook contains information on the latest otaku trend, including reports on the otaku culture in found in anime, manga, games, novels that were released in 2006.

According to this press release, Purrsia Press has recently completed the first issue of their manga-style anthology "U.K. Manga":

Independent comics publisher Purrsia Press has just completed issue #1 of their brand new manga-styled anthology, "U.K. Manga". It is a collection of short original comic stories directly from Britain's vastly growing underground dojinshi set. This includes material by international fan-favorite artist "Foxy", and Rising Stars Of Manga winner Emma Vieceli.

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