Dark Horse Books is proud to present the first volume in a prose series based on the incredibly popular duo the Dirty Pair, which is available to U.S. fans for the first time! Haruka Takachiho's best-selling novels in Japan are the subject of an animated series, three motion pictures, and a series of graphic novels.

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According to, ADV's Yotsuba&! volume 4 has a release date of June 27th 2007, and volume 5 has a release date of October 10th 2007. Currently there has been no official confirmation from ADV regarding the new release dates. The last volume of Yotsuba&! (volume 3) was released in 2005,

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Titan Books has announced that it will release Kosuke Fujishima's Oh My Goddess! in the U.K. Other releases include The Anime Encyclopedia, MegaTokyo Volume 4 and Eden: It's An Endless World.

Source: Otaku News

The new comic release list for March 14 2007 from ComicList, compiled by MangaCast.

From ICv2 comes the 2007 release schedule for DMP, June, and 801 Media:


- Let's Draw Manga: Yaoi by Botan Yamada
- Love Recipe Vol. 1 by Kirico Higashizato
- Picnic by Yugi Yamada
- Othello by Toui Hasumi
- Little Crybaby by Keiko Kinoshita
801 Media:
- Love is Like a Hurricane Vol. 1 by Tokiya Shimazaki

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Celebrating International Women's Day, MangaBlog posts a comment from manga scholar Matt Thorn, which explains the truth behind Viz Media's short-lived manga Four Shoujo Stories.

The new comic release list for March 7 2007 from ComicList, compiled by MangaCast.

According to AoD, Dark Horse has confirmed that the release dates of Octopus Girl and Museum of Terror have been postponed indefinitely.

According to AoD, several Media Blasters manga, including Apocalypse Zero and Baron Gong, will most likely be discontinued:

From the look of it, Apocalypse Zero, Baron Gong Battle, Pilgrim Jager and Kamunagara all appear to be dead titles with no new movement forward on new volumes. Eiken, which is selling well and getting reprints, is in limbo with no new volumes acquired. Their yaoi titles appear to be where the movement will be going forward but they also indicate to expect news on other non-yaoi titles as well.

Del Rey will release the English edition of the Train Man (Densha Otoko) novel by Hitori Nakano April 24th. Currently three different versions of the Train Man manga are being released by Del Rey, Viz Media, and CMX.

Source: CMX