The following manga it to USA Today top 150 for the week ending October 15th:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol.1 (Tokyopop)

ICv2 has made a list of the 10 most powerful people in American manga publishing:

1. Kurt Hassler, Graphic Novel Buyer, Borders Group
2. Hidemi Fukuhara, Chief Executive Officer, Viz Media
3. Stuart Levy, Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer Tokyopop
4. Dallas Middaugh, Associate Publisher of Manga, Del Rey
5. Jim Killen, Graphic Novel Buyer, Barnes & Noble
6. Mike Richardson, CEO & Publisher, Dark Horse
7. Mike Kiley, Publisher, Tokyopop
8. Yumi Hoashi, EIC & VP of Magazine Division, Viz Media

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From Comic Book Resources comes the September direct market sales data, included is a list of the top selling manga in September:

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TV Asahi has released the result of this year's Top 100 Anime survey:

  1. Lupin III
  2. Dragon Ball
  3. Doraemon
  4. Ashita no Joe
  5. Mobile Suit Gundam
  6. A Dog of Flanders
  7. Sazae-san
  8. Candy Candy
  9. Attack No.1
  10. Urusei Yatsura
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