Osamu Tezuka

Beginning in April of this year, Content Works will launch a new service which will allow consumers to combine their favorite Osamu Tezuka manga titles into their own online magazine called Osamu Tezuka On-Demand Magazine.

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The Beat has confirmed the licensing of Apollo's Song (by Tezuka Osamu) from Vertical:

New York-based independent publisher Vertical, Inc. has announced it is publishing its third Osamu Tezuka property in June 2007. Apollo’s Song will be published as a single-volume graphic novel at approximately 500 pages in length and will follow the same design format as the award-winning classic Buddha, and the runaway hit Ode to Kirihito. Apollo’s Song will have the same trim size as well as an obi-band mini book jacket just like its two American predecessors, and will be published as a trade paperback.

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Japanese blog Kuro Tenshi no Blog recently posted a review of the book"AERA COMIC - Nippon no Manga," which is the memorial mook for the 10th anniversary of the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award. The book contains summaries of works and topics related to past Tezuka award winners and most talked-about manga in the last ten years.

The book contains many interesting reports on the consistency of Naoki Urasawa's short comic series "Comic Navi for Adults," which was created in an interval of twelve years. Kuro Tenshi no Blog has posted an excerpt of an interview found in the book:

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Japanese blog Kodomo no Mousou recently posted a review of the book "The Secret of Osamu Tezuka's Original Pictures." According to the review, "the all-color illustration book is simply wonderful."

The catchphrase of the illustration book is:

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Osamu Tezuka's Buddha, currently being released in the U.S. by Vertical, was mentioned in this week's Time Magazine.

Source: ANN

The 11th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award is now accepting nominations. Any work published between January and December 2006 is eligible (excluding re-publications), the result will be announced in Asahi Shimbun in May 2007.

Please Recommend 11th Tezuka Award Candidates

Please recommend candidates for the 11th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award

A manga published between January and December 2006. (excluding promotional material and reprinted editions)

Award Announcement:
Asahi Shimbun in May 2007.

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ANS reports that a new Osamu Tezuka art exhibition called "Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga" will take place in Australia at NGV International on 3 November 2006.

According to Tony Ellwood, NGV Deputy Director, "The planning of Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga has involved over five years of complex negotiations to release important material from Tezuka Productions in Tokyo. This is the first time Tezuka's original drawings have been seen in the West."

Source: ANS

Yomiuri Online has an article on an exhibition currently being held at the Suginami Animation Museum in Suginami Ward, titled Tezuka Osamu no Atomu to Songoku Ten, where "visitors can watch the Chinese animated film--Saiyuki: Tessenkoshu no Maki (Japan title, 1941)--that Tezuka says was the inspiration for his manga series...."

An Osamu Tezuka Print Exhibition will be held in the basement art gallery of Maruzen Okayama Symphony Building in Okayamashi, Japan. There is no entry fee, and the prints will be sold during the exhibition. Colored prints from over 30 series will be displayed, including Dororo, Black Jack, Phoenix, and more.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of its annual Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award event, and the many manga artist and judges involved, Asahi Shimbun will be hosting the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award 10th Anniversary event, "Manga Mirai Seiki " (Literally: Manga Future Century), on 9/10 at the Yurakucho Asahi Hall.

Past award winners, nominees, judges, and other manga artists will take part in the event. The event has three sections, which will feature and discuss the history of the Tezuka award, the future and potential of manga, and an "art showdown" between artists.

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