Icarus Publishing has posted previews of its June 2007 upcoming products (link NSFW), which includes The Spirit of Capitalism, Relish, Comic AG 61, 62, and Comic AG Mega Bundle 5 (issues 31 – 35).

During the 25th Next Generation World Hobby Fair held in the University of Tokyo's Association Hall from January 20 to 21, Shogakukan announced a new magazine titled Nekketsu!! Coro Coro Densetsu that's aimed at "adults in their 20's-30's and [will] collect and compile classic [...] manga from the 1970's through the mid 1990's." The first volume will be released on May 25th, current lineup includes Doraemon, Dodge Danpei, Obake no Q-taro and Bikkuriman. (Note this year also marks the 30th anniversary of Shogakukan's Monthly Coro Coro Comics)

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Icarus Blog reports that Studio Proteus has licensed two new adult manga:

- Take on Me by Sesshu Takemura
- Milk Mama by Yukiyanagi (Yanagi Yuki)

According to announcements from the magazine as well as diary entries of its authors, Tsukasa Shobo's adult/bishojo manga magazine Comic Dolphin will cease publication in March.

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The Consumerist has published an article criticizing Walmart.com and Target.com for selling the BL manga Yaoi Hentai (published by Yaoi Press).

From the article:

The Consumerist may not be porn, but Walmart is now in the business of selling it, in comic book form. [...] Yes, we're surprised as well. Not that we're prudes or anything. It's just, you know, Walmart. Are congratulations in order? Golden tentacles? Target, meh, we knew they're sluts anyway. —MEGHANN MARCO and BEN POPKEN

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A new adult magazine titled Men's Young Special Ikazuchi will be released by Futabasha on January 22nd. Men's Young Special Ikazuchi is a special issue of Men's Young.

topThe latest issue of Shueisha's Akamaru Jump came with the To-LOVE-Ru Winter Art, a collection of To-LOVE-Ru illustrations on double-leaved pages. However, one of the artwork seems to have been deliberately altered.

The picture in question is a spread scene with Lala and Haruna taking a bath together, with a tremendous amount of bubbles are covering their bodies, to the extent that only their faces can be seen. The illustration is published in a very artificial condition.

To quote some of To-LOVE-Ru creator Kentaro Yabuki's comment at the back of Weekly Shonen Jump:

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Icarus Blog reports that Bare Back, an online erotica magazine, is holding a Best of 2006 Awards, Among the nominees are:

Best Hentai Manga One Shot or Anthology One Shot
- Innocence
- Patriot
- Rhapsody

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Icarus Publishing's blog previews the adult manga coming out in February in "February Previews Adult for manga lovers [Special Headline Edition!]" (NSFW).

Atsushi Yamasaki (NSFW), whose works have appeared in magazines such as Comic Tenma (NSFW), passed away this month during a traffic accident.