Gardena, CA, August 8, 2006 -€“ Digital Manga Publishing wrapped up its summer convention season with new title announcements at its DMP panel at Otakon 2006. Flower of Life by Fumi Yoshinaga joins Vampire Hunter D and Megami DX in Digital Manga Publishing'€™s line-up for 2007.

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RICHMOND, CA -­ August 7, 2006 - Prepare for a breath of fresh in Infinity Studios, LLC's serious love drama Unbalance Unbalance Volume 1, a 200 page Korean color graphic novel (art work by Soo-Hyon Lee and story by Dall-Young Lim) which ships early October. With so many graphic novels falling into the love-comedy category, Unbalance Unbalance Volume 1 is a welcome change of pace with the serious love-drama many fans have been demanding.

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Baltimore, MD- August 07, 2006 - Alas the Otakon 2006 is over. The DramaQueen Staff had a wonderful time at this marvelous convention and wants to thank all her fans and the staff members of Otakon for all their support and love. However we did not leave the convention without giving our fans an interesting industry/yaoi panel!!! During this panel we announced the following great new manga & manhwa titles and also announced our street release date for Rush, an original western Yaoi anthology:

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DramaQueen has announced the following new licenses at Otakon:

- "Invoke" by Higashizato Kiriko
- "Not/Love" by Miyamoto Kano
- "Omen" by Tateno Makoto
- "Tyrant Who Falls In Love" by Hinako Takanaga

- "Peter Panda" by Na Ye-Ri
- "Promise" by Eun-Young Lee

New licenses announced at Otakon:

- "Heaven!!" By Shizumi Seino

- "Flower Of Life" by Yoshinaga Fumi

June Manga:
- "Kurashina Sensei's Passion" by Natsuho Shino
- "La Vie En Rose" by Sadahiro Mika
- "Waru" by Hashida Yukari
- "Wagamama Kitchen" by Kaori Monchi
- "Fake Fur" by Yamagata Satomi
- "Paradise On The Hill" by Tenzen Momoko

Mexican publisher Editorial Vid, through it's popup "monthly releases" window, has announced the following new titles:

- Monster (August 1)
- Slam Dunk (August 10)
- Saikano (August 14)
- Beyblade (August 18)

San Jose, CA -€“ August, 2005 DrMaster Publications Inc. and DGN Production Inc. will publish Wing Shing Ma’s Chinese Hero – Tales of The Blood Sword. Originally published under Jademan Comics label, now DGN/DrMaster revives this beautiful work with a fresh coat of paint.

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(LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to formally announce the acquisition of 4 new Japanese licenses-manga series Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~, Kodomo no Jikan, Neconoclasm, and the novel series Shinigami no Ballad. First announced during Seven Seas' panels at Anime Expo and the San Diego Comic-Con, each of these new titles brings something unique to Seven Seas' ever-expanding line-up of manga and novels.

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Love Manga takes a look at some of the new licenses from adult manga publisher Icarius Publishing:

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MangaCast has a list of new licenses that almost went unnoticed.

- "Little Queen" by Kim YeonJu
- "Utopia's Avenger" by Oh SeKwon

- "Eternal Alice Rondo" by Kaishaku
- "Chinese Hero" by Wing Shing Ma

- "Let's Be Perverts" by Lee YuJung

ICE Kunion:
- "Comic" by Ha SiHyun