From Advanced Media Network comes an in-depth report of Seven Seas at this year's Anim Expo, also included is a brief interview with Seven Seas' Adam Arnold and Jason D'Angeles.

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In the latest issue of PWCW, Kai-Ming Cha concludes her 2-Part interview with Go! Comi founders Audrey Taylor and David Wise. Also available is an article from Brigid on CMX's new edition of Gon.

From Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog comes an interview with Svetlana Chmakova, who talks about her manga Dramacon.

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From PWCW's Kai-Ming Cha comes Part 1 of an interview with Go! Comi founders Audrey Taylor and David Wise. Icarus Blog points out that Elfquest creator Wendi Pini's original project for Go! Comi will be a yaoi title.

From Papo de Budega comes an interview with Min-Woo Hyung, a well-known Korean manhwa artist, who talked about some of his well-known title and other projects.

Min Woo-Hyung is the author of Priest, a manhwa currently being released in America by Tokyopop and in Brazil by Lumus Publishing company.

From IGN comes an interviews Manga Fighter's development crew: Phil Kim, the Director of the development team, and colleague Kevin Sugimoto, the Project Manager.

Manga Fighter is a Manga-Styled Massively Multiplayer Third-Person Online Shooting game from the US arm of OnNet, a Korean-based developer and publisher. OnNet is aiming to release the game before the end of 2007.

From PWCW's Billy Aguiar comes an interview with Jason Thompson, author of Del Rey's Manga: The Complete Guide. The interview focuses on Manga: The Complete Guide, which will be released in August.

Episode 42 of Right Stuf's Anime Today podcast features an interview with Shojo Beat Editor-in-Chief Marc Weidenbaum and Senior Editor Megan Bates:

In this new interview, Weidenbaum and Bates discuss the publication's history, the role reader feedback plays in editorial decisions, how female readers are driving the U.S. manga market, and what the future holds for Shojo Beat as the magazine celebrates its second anniversary and kicks off its third year.

A full press release can be found on Active Anime.

From ICv2 comes a 2-part interview with VIZ Media's Vice President of Sales Gonzalo Ferreyra and Director of Retail Marketing David Rewalt, who talk about Viz's aggressive release schedule of Naruto, and its impact on the manga and anime markets.

PWCW's Kai-Ming Cha interviews Seven Seas's Jason DeAngelis, who talks about the recent controversy surrounding the cancellation of Nymphet.

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