MangaBlog's Brigid Alverson interviews Stephen Robson of Fanfare, who explains "the difference between Fanfare and Ponent Mon, why his books are so expensive, and what it's like being on the ground floor of the nouvelle manga revolution."

Manga Jouhou translates an interview with 07th Expansion, the group responsible for the popular doujin game Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. The original interview came from Akiba Blog's K, who is also a staff from the editorial department of Square Enix's Gan Gan Powered.

Manga Jouhou interviews Off*Beat creator Jan Lee Quick, who talks about the recent the OEL phenomenon. Off*Beat is currently being released by Tokyopop.

From AMN Anime comes an interview with Aldo Donnaloia, the Sales Manager of Hirameki International Group Inc., one of the few visual novel publishers in North America. Aldo Donnaloia talks about the company's sales and distribution in 2006, as well as some information regarding new title acquisitions.

From Manga Jouhou comes an interview with Adam Ghahramani of, who talks about the recent incident where thousands of dollars from convention funds were stolen at an Anime Film Foundation (AnimeFF) sponsored Vegas anime convention.

topThe Gundam anime experienced a small boost in popularity with the recent release of the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime DVD Box. The original 43-episode Gundam anime was first aired in 1979, and now the DVD box set is experiencing positive sales. ITmedia News interviews Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the art director and character designer of Gundam, who talks about Gundam and his recent works. (by Koh Shimada)

Q: The DVD box set of the "First Gundam" is very popular.

A: Gundam is a very mysterious thing for me. I really don't see why Gundam is still popular after so many years. Sometimes I have to see it on due to the necessity of my job, but I think it's a poorly made work.

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From Anime Boredom comes an interviews with Alex de Campi, author of Kat & Mouse, Agent Boo and Smoke.

Source: Life Behind the Desk

From DrMaster comes an interview with artist Yasushi Suzuki, creator of DrMaster's upcoming series Purgatory Kabuki.

Manga Jouhou interviews Adam Arnold from Seven Seas Entertainment, who talks about their upcoming yuri imprint "Strawberry."

From Sequential Tart comes an interview with Yaoi Press founder and publisher, Yamila Abraham, who talks about BL, the market, and the future for Yaoi Press.