JBC Publishing will release Fullmental Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa in Brazil during the Anime Dreams event, which takes place from January 25 - 28 in São Paulo city. The publisher will also present a challenge for the FMA fans - an enigma game that can only be discovered on the website www.mangasjbc.com.br/fma.

The organizers of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo are soliciting ideas for a mascot. According to the announcement, this "contest" is open to organization and people from around the world, from professional designers to anime and manga artists. The deadline is May 31st, and the winning proposal will received 200,000 yuan (~$25,000). The official rules can be found here (an English version should be available soon).

Kondo Shinji, Commissioner of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, made a visit on January 12th to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. During his 40 minute visit, Kondo casually read the displayed manga while listening to the curator's explanations.

During an interview after the visit, Kondo commented that the exhibition taught him the importance of cooperation between the local administration and the university, which acts as a knowledge base. Kondo also mentioned that the exhibition reminded him of his favorite manga when he was young, such as Kyojin no Hoshi, Ashita no Joe, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

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The latest issue of PWCW has been released:

New York Comic-con, the Second Time Around: Calvin Reid and Heidi MacDonald looks at this year's NYCC, taking place between February 23 - 25.

Basilisk Broadens its Fanbase: Kai-Ming Cha looks at how the Basilisk series is building its fan base in the U.S.

cicafThe 3rd China International Animation and Cartoon Festival will once again take place in the city of Hangzhou (Zhejiang province, 2 hours' train ride from Shanghai) from April 28th to May 4th.

This year's events will be divided into four main sections. The "exhibition section" will feature industry expo and activities; the "forum section" will feature discussion groups and industry conferences; the "competition section" will feature manga contests and cosplay contests; the "activities section" will feature a movie week as well as various other activities.

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Japan Information and Culture Center, Washington D.C presents Girls' Comics from Japan - An Exhibit. The exhibit will run from January 29 - March 16, 2007

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Otaku News has posted some information on a rumored "full blown Anime & Manga convention" some call Kanacon, which will take place in London in 2008 summer. There are no concrete information regarding the convention. Below is an excerpt from the press release posted on Otaku News:

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Norwalk, CT, January 12: New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2007, taking place in Manhattan's Jacob K. Javits Center on February 23-25, is pleased to reveal the highlights of its anime program.

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Sea Change Group Show, a group show that will feature work of emerging print makers, will take place from February 1st to 23rd at the Mark Jason Gallery in London. Featured artists include Japanese manga artist Chie Kutsuwada, Akiko Takizawa and Katsu Yuasa.

Source: Otaku News

Popular character designer Ikuko ITOH will attend the Anime and Manga Convention AnikiCon in Germany from 6th until 8th April 2007. She was involved in the production process for the following anime series:

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon R Movie
Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon SuperS
Mahô tsukai tai (OVA und TV)
Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy
Princess Tutu (TV)

Her recent work is "Asatte no Houkou" which still airs in Japan.