San Francisco-Based Animation And Publishing Giant Will Help End The August Program With Thousands of Gifts For Children

OAKLAND, CA - Time flies when you're having fun: BART's Kids Ride Free Saturdays program ends tomorrow, Saturday, August 26 but it will do so with a whirlwind of excitement.

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ADV is conducting a Comic Party Revolution manga contest to celebrate the release of its Comic Party Revolution manga series. Contestants must send their own manga strip as a JPEG attachment to ADV by 10/31. For more information visit here.

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On the USA Today Booklist for the week ending August 20, Viz Media's Naruto Volume 11 makes it to #33, while Tokyopop's Fruits Basket Volume 14 fell to #59.

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MangaCast has the latest Diamond Previews for September of 2006.

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Naruto and Hellsing have been nominated for the 2006 Quills Award. Users can vote here, winners will be announced on 10/10 in NYC.

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imgThe group behind the anime convention AnimeNEXT is planning to start a new convention devoted towards manga called MangaNEXT. Isaac of ComiPress takes a look at this new development by talking with Convention Chairman David Christopher Asher (Former Vice Chairman of Otakon 1994, Convention Chairman of Otakon 1995 & 1996) and Staff Liaison Eugene Cheng (Former Co-Convention Chairman for AnimeNEXT 2002-2004).

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PWCW interviews yaoi mangaka Makoto Tateno, author of Yellow.

Bandai Entertainment has sent out a notice today to the fansubs community, warning them to not work on Bandai's upcoming Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society. For a copy of the press release, see below:

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Tokyopop's columnist, Chris Arrant, interviews Takeshi Miyazawa, who is planning to move to Japan and try his hand at becoming a successful manga-ka.

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