The Mainichi Daily News takes a look at Mitsubishi Pencil Co.'s new coloring pencils "designed for adults as a coloring boom among middle-aged and senior people continues across Japan."

In order to promote the "Akihabara Parapara Manga Festa" contest taking place between 7/3 - 10/31, mangaka Yaku Mitsuru appeared at a public presentation with Aki Hoshino, who dressed up as a maid.

A "Parapara Manga" is a comic book where the reader flips through the pages rapidly so the pictures appear to be moving.

Serialization Update from Shoujo/Josei Anthologies.

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imgThe Yomiuri Shinbun has an article examining the growing popularity in Japan of reprinting classic manga from earlier eras, catering to older, original fans and people interested in the historical significance of earlier titles.

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Kyodo Printing (based in Bunkyoku, Tokyo. President: Yamaguchi Masahiro) has released a "Digital Manga-Creation" line, which is based on their full digital manga-creation system "ComicPacker" and their moire reduction technology "ComicScreen."

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Popular adult PC game Happiness! by Windmill will be adapted into an Anime TV Series this October.

Kyoshiro to Eien no Sora by Kaishaku will be adapted into an Anime.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Shun, currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, will be adapted into an Anime.

A new Bishoujo magazine titled Comic Sigma+ will be released on 7/24. Comic Sigma+ will be the sisiter magazine of Comic Sigma, another new magazine from Akane Shinsha that will be launched in September.

Manga top 10 according to Tohan.

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