The same blog that released scans of Takeshi Obata's new Weekly Jump series a few days ago has released another scan. According to the new scan, Obata's new series will be called Blue Dragon: RaruΩGurado. There has been no official confirmation regarding the new series, and the scans posted has not yet been confirmed to be authentic Jump scans.

Shuiesha has recently announced the manga adaption of the XBox 360 RPG Blue Dragon. The new manga, called "Blue Dragon ST," will be drawn by Ami Shibata (Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun, Freeman Hero) and will begin serialization in the January issue of Monthly Shonen Jump, on sale December 16th.

Blue Dragon is a XBox 360 game developed by Mistwalker, under the direction of Hironobu Sakaguchi (father of the Final Fantasy series), and features artwork from Akira Toriyama.

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A Japanese blog has posted a leaked scan (currently unverified) of Weekly Shonen Jump, which reveals that Takeshi Obata, artist of Hikaru no Go and Death Note, will begin a new serialization titled "Rarugurado" in Weekly Shonen Jump No.1 (New Year's issue), on sale December 4th. The issue will also come with a pencil board with original artwork from Takeshi's. At this time there has been no official confirmation regarding the new series.


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According to the latest Weekly Jump Early Release Info, a new Bleach artbook will be released on December 4th.

Norihiro Yagi's Claymore (currently being serialized in Monthly Shonen Jump) will be adapted into an anime TV series. More information will be available in the December issue of Monthly Jump, on sale 11/6.

According to Weekly Jump, rumor has it that three current Weekly Jump series will be dropped soon, to be replaced by three new series:

Supposedly 2 established authors will be back (one of them has been out for a while, and the other only recently finished a series), and they will be accompanied by a 'newbie'.

A new wine manga titled Sommelier by Matsui Katsunori, who usually goes by the pen name Kiyu, will start in Business Jump No. 23 (11/1).

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With this month being Kochi-Kame's 30th year of serialization in Weekly Shounen Jump, Mainichi sits down with the artist of Kochi-Kame and talks about what it's like being the creator of the longest running manga series.

Everyone in Japan knows "Kochi-kame," the shortened nickname of "Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo" (This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika ward). This September marks the 30th anniversary of Kochi-kame’s serialization in Weekly Shounen Jump, a competitive battlefield of popular manga series. Today Kochi-Kame has 151 volumes in circulation, with over 135 million copies sold.

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Sing "Yesterday" for Me (Yesterday wo Utatte) by Kei Toume ended in Business Jump No. 20, which was released on 9/15.

JCB has announced a limited edition "Nana" credit card, featuring special artworks based on the popular shoujo manga from Ai Yazawa. Only 10,000 cards will be made for each of the 3 different designs (Design 1, Design 2, Design 3). Those who apply before January 31, 2007 will also receive special Nana-related gifts, such as the twin strawberry glass used in the manga.

According to Ultra Jump's website, Bastard!! by Kazushi Hagiwara may resume serialization in the October issue of Ultra Jump (9/19).

First serialized in Shonen Jump in 1988, Bastard!! was moved to Ultra Jump in 2001. Due to its history of irregular (and slow) serialization schedule, many fans dubbed Bastard!! as one of the four hiatus kings (the other three being Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter, Yoshiki Takaya's Guyver, and Mamoru Nagano's Five Star Stories) of manga.

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The Price of Tennis will resume serialization in Weekly Jump issue 42. The manga was put on hiatus after its mangaka became ill in July.

Also two new series will start in the upcoming issues of Weekly Shonen Jump:

Issue 43 (9/25)
- "P2! -let's Play Pingpong!-" by Ejiri Tatuma

Issue 44 (10/2)
- "Hand's" by Yuichiro Itakura