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topICv2 reports that Seven Seas Entertainment has decided to cancel the publication of Kaworu Watashiya's seinen comedy, Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) in the U.S. According to Seven Seas president Jason Deangelis, they have decided it not appropriate Nymphet in the U.S. A full explaination from Jason Deangelis can be found here. Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold also briefly mentions his view on the issue.

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In other related news, AoD reports that LiveJournal has removed a large number of communities and journals related to yaoi, shota, and rape. ANN has the full story.

In more related news, Yahoo! News reports that proposals to execute pedophiles is making headway in the U.S.

ANN posts a letter response from Seven Seas on the delay of Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan), which has caused major debates online.

According to Seven Seas, instead of censoring the manga, they "decided to delay its release and to have an open dialogue with the large book chains and other vendors [...] and let each of them make the final decision as to whether or not it is appropriate for their stores and their customers -- and then give them the chance to cancel their orders if they wish."

AOI HOUSE: THE MUSIC VIDEO original flash animation on the pack-in DVD of Newtype USA's April issue

LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2007) - Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the inclusion of its original flash animation, Aoi House: The Music Video, on the pack-in DVD of Newtype USA’s April 2007 issue.

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According to a post from Adam Arnold in the Seven Seas forum, the launch date of Seven Seas' new Light Novel imprint has been pushed back to the Fall of 2007:

Adam Arnold:
Yes, the launch of Seven Seas' new Light Novel imprint has been pushed back to the Fall '07 so we have a better chance to promote the titles and ensure the line's success. We have some very exciting things in the works, so pushing the Light Novels back was the right choice. We know everyone is dying to read these books, so we hope you can hold out a little longer!

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Manga Jouhou interviews Adam Arnold from Seven Seas Entertainment, who talks about their upcoming yuri imprint "Strawberry."

From Anime Boredom comes an interview with Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold, who is also the writer of Aoi House.

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(LOS ANGELES, December 15, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce the latest must-have addition to its expanding manga line: Atsushi Suzumi's Venus Versus Virus manga, which is soon to become a full-length anime tv series in Japan.

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(LOS ANGELES, December 4, 2006) - The popular harem comedy manga Aoi House comes to life like never before in Seven Seas Entertainment's first-ever flash anime music video. With animation by the company's own flash animator extraordinaire Jonathan Talas (No Man’s Land: The Flash Anime, Diva v. Poe: The Flash Storybook), and set to the heavily downloaded Aoi House Theme Song - "Itsumo Futaride," Aoi House: The Music Video brings the iconic characters and slapstick visuals of the Aoi House manga to life like never before.

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(LOS ANGELES, November 29, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment announced today that two of its top original manga titles for teens will be sold through Scholastic Book Fairs beginning in January 2007. The two titles will be sold at 7,500 middle schools across the country.

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(LOS ANGELES, November 27, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment, in cooperation with Square Enix of Japan, is pleased to announce the acquisition of two hit Japanese manga series--the off-the-wall harem comedy He is My Master and the delightful fandom romp Sota-Kun no Akihabara Funtouki.

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