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According to a message from the Yaoi_in_English mailing list, Broccoli Books announced that the name of their new yaoi imprint is "a fruit. And apparently, it's something unheard of in Japan? but it's a commonplace fruit for Americans. Especially if you grew up in Southern California and went to a particular amusement park in Orange County that's not Disneyland." The name fruit? "Boysenberry" is the most likely candidate.

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Broccoli Books has announced plans to do a second print of Yoki Koto Kiku. The reprints will come with many extras complete with an exclusive interview with Koge-Donbo.

Broccoli Books now has its own MySpace page.

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Los Angeles, CA (December 8, 2006) – Broccoli Books has announced the acquisition of three manga titles, Coyote Ragtime Show, Hakoiri Devil Princess (Japanese title), and Murder Princess.

Coyote Ragtime Show is the manga adaptation of the TV anime series created by ufotable. Franka, the orphan daughter of Pirate King Bruce, has seven days to find her father's hidden treasure before planet Graceland is destroyed. Lead by space pirate Mister, Franka and a rag-tag band of coyotes are on a treasure hunt against Madame Marciano and the 12 SISTERs.

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Broccoli Books has announced a new manga series:

- Murder Princess by Sekihiko Inui, Dietrich Seto (Editor), Satsuki Yamashita (Translator)

Some other titles where also hinted at in Broccoli's Newsletter:

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ICv2 reports that manga publisher Broccoli Books has switched its bookstore distribution from Diamond Book Distributors to Publishers Group West.

Broccoli Books is looking for a name for their new BL imprint. To submit a suggestion, either email or post it in Broccoli Books' message board. The winner will receive a two-year supply of Broccoli Books boys love selection.

Broccoli Books:
- "A Juvenille Orion Artbook"

Yaoi Press:
- "Caim" by Le Peru GGine
- "LIly and the Rose" by Dany & Dany

June Manga:
- "Love Recipe" by Kiriko Nigashizato
- "In the Walnut" by Touko Kawai
- "Picnic" by Yugi Yamada
- "Othello" by Toui Hasumi
- "Sweet Whisper" (Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau) by Hyouta Fujiyama
- "World's End" by Eiki Eiki
- "Ordinary Crush" by Hyouta Fujiyama
- "Can't Win With You" (Kimi ni wa Kattenai) by Yukine Honami (Written by: Satosumi Takaguchi)

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MangaCast posts two manga announcements from Broccoli Books: "E'S Volume 1 - January 2007!" and "KAMUI Volume 5 Shipping!"

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