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MangaCast points to an AoD post, which has discovered a new manga listed under Broccoli Books on

Also discovered by MangaCast are three new tentative adult titles from Icarus Publishing:

  • MazoChiChi by Erect Touch
  • Read Me! by Hinemosu Notari
  • Sanka no Koku by Yuuki

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The Broccoli Books Blog has announced the winners of its Murder Princess "vol 1 for my friend & vol 2 for me" give-away.

The latest post from the Broccoli Books Blog is hinting at a few new manga licenses, although no names were given, the blog did mention there will be one Boysenberry title, one moe/tsundere title, and one Disgaea-related title.


According to its latest blog post, Broccoli Book's yaoi imprint Boysenberry imprint will have a booth at this year's Yaoi-Con, with Delivery Cupid and Pet on Duty available at the booth.

Also mentioned was a possible cooperation with Aurora Publishing at Yaoi-Con:

Editor Samantha & I had a meeting w/ Aurora Publishing today. Mainly for information exchange & how we can work together at Yaoi Con.

Many new titles were announced by several publishers at Comic Con 2007:

Yen Press

  • Sundome (sex comedy) by Kazuto Okata
  • Kieli
  • Kaze no Hana by Mizta Ushio

According to Kurt Hassler, Yen Press will not censor any of their titles.

Seven Seas

  • Hayate Cross Blade (yuri) by Shizuru Hayashiya
  • Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo (yuri) by Mera Hakamada
  • Girls Love (yuri light novel)
  • Girls Revolution (yuri light novel)

Also, according to this, Seven Seas' new yaoi line will be called "Bee Line."


  • LEADER'S HIGH by Shindo Arashi

Broccoli Books

  • Nui! by Natsumi Mukai

Last but not least, Check here and here for a big list of mostly non-Japanese titles from Tokyopop.

Broccoli Books announced at Anime Expo 2007 that it will be releasing a new World of Disgaea artbook based on Disgaea 2.

Also confirmed is the release of the first Disgaea novel.

Source: MangaCast

Eichi Shuppan announced at this year's Anime Expo that it plans to bring the popular Japanese cosplay magazine Cosmode to the U.S. The distribution will be handled by Broccoli International USA. The first issue is planned to be released in October this year.

Source: ANN

The following Galaxy Angel cast and staff will be attending Anime Expo 2007:

Yuuna Inamura
Voice actress of Apricot Sakuraba from "Galaxy Angel Rune"

Sumire Nanohana
Author of "Galaxy Angel II" novel series

Takaaki Kidani
Founder of Broccoli Co., Ltd & producer of "Galaxy Angel" series. Currently CEO &
President of newly established Bushi Lord Co., Ltd.

ANN points out that the Broccoli Books website has been updated with new information on the Coyote Ragtime Show manga. According to the info, the manga will be released on June 27.

According to updates of the Fanime 2007 coverage from Broccoli Books Blog, Murder Princess creator Sekihiko Inui will be starting a new series titled Ratman in the August issue of Shounen Ace (6/26):

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