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Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, wraps up the hot season with an amazing summer special! The August issue is overflowing with coverage on Code Geass, arguably the biggest anime currently in Japan. Let all this insider info—including interviews with director Goro Taniguchi and series organizer Ichiro Okouchi—tide you over until the show heads stateside. And no Newtype USA would be complete without updates on the beloved Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the highly anticipated Evangelion movies!

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MangaCast has more reports on Seven Seas, including teh news that Seven Seas will drop their manga price from $10.99 to $9.99.

ANN reports that ADV Manga will start releasing Yotsuba&! once again, with volume 5 coming out in October. Other series such as Gunslinger Girl will resume their print runs as well. Giapet mentions that ADV Manga plans to release Azumanga Daioh in an "omnibus edition with a larger trim size."

Plus! Debut of new redesign with more news, features, reviews!!

HOUSTON, June 27, 2007—Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, continues its summertime hot streak with an exclusive cover featuring the hottest anime of 2007, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Along with a collectible cover, the July 2007 issue also dishes the dirt on the SOS Brigade, offering an inside scoop on the secrets behind Haruhi Suzumiya's eccentric pals! Plus, Newtype USA even has an exclusive interview with director Tatsuya Ishihara, in which he reveals even more telling tales behind the production of this mega-hit show!

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From ANN comes an interview with A.D. Vision co-founder and CEO John Ledford, who talks about the current state of ADV and its plans for the manga market.

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Newtype USA is currently looking for a full-time Japanese-to-English translator:

Primary duties consist of performing English translations of Japanese text and proofing completed translations, though other writing, editing and administrative tasks may be required.

Source: ANN

According to, ADV's Yotsuba&! volume 4 has a release date of June 27th 2007, and volume 5 has a release date of October 10th 2007. Currently there has been no official confirmation from ADV regarding the new release dates. The last volume of Yotsuba&! (volume 3) was released in 2005,

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Shogakukan has announced the suspension of its BL (Boy's Love) light novel label Palette Bunko. The last light novels published under the Palette label were released in December 2006. The Palette Bunko will be replaced by two new light novel labels, Gagaga and Lululu, from Shogakukan in Fall 2007.

HOUSTON, September 28, 2006 - Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, offers up an October triple-treat with an exclusive cover, feature and manga insert starring fan-favorite series Angel/Dust neo. From the gorgeous cover to the in-depth interview with series creator Aoi Nanase, the October issue is sure to become a collector’s item that no fan should be without!

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ADV is conducting a Comic Party Revolution manga contest to celebrate the release of its Comic Party Revolution manga series. Contestants must send their own manga strip as a JPEG attachment to ADV by 10/31. For more information visit here.

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Sojitz Corporation invests in A.D. Vision (ADV) to increase licensing and release.