Inside the Comic Writers Studio - Episode 10: HACK/Slash Creator Speaks Exclusively to ComicBloc

(San Antonio, Texas) October 15, 2007 - Devil's Due Entertainment exclusive creator Tim Seeley sat down recently with ComicBloc's Eric Moreno for the latest installment of the acclaimed interview series Inside the Comic Writers Studio.

In the interview, Seeley discusses his upcoming the breakout success of his original creation HACK/Slash, which is now an ongoing from Devil's Due, the volatile nature of his controversial title Loaded Bible and the challenges of working as a writer/artist in today’s marketplace. On the subject of finding inspiration Seeley had this to say:

"I think most writers get inspiration from their own lives, or the things they read or hear on the news. The truth is, nothing I can make up is as weird and wonderful as the things that actually happen. Plus, I just find that people relate to my work better when it has the honesty of real life going for it..."

ComicBloc ( is a conglomerate of members and readers that seeks to elevate the status of the sequential art into the mainstream. This is a weekly series featured exclusively at ComicBloc. Past guests include Wynonna Earp creator Beau Smith, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of DC Comics Dan Didio, Lions, Tigers and Bears creator Mike Bullock, writer of the newly announced Unknown Soldier series Joshua Dysart and Jack of Fables co-author Matthew Sturges.