"Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. I - Sex with Creatures" Released on DLSite.com

Herndon VA - October 3rd, 2007 - GalaxyPink's 3D interactive animation game "Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. I - Sex with Creatures" has been released on DLSite.com, and quickly become one of the most popular games of the week and month!

This first game in a series by new American studio GalaxyPink, features a fantasy world where beautiful women are having sex with a variety of creatures - such as a catgirl, a giant, an angel, a gang of orcs, and more. There are six animated scenes, over 20 CG images, voice, sound, and music.

According to reviewers:
-"The women are gorgeous, the animations are smooth, and the variety of h-scenes to give a lot for any h-fan."
-"The characters look great and I like the awesome variety, the adventure theme is kicking."
-"Excellent, and irresistibly sexy!...It's a great 'interactive video' type of game, and the price is well worth it for what you get."

American customers where uncensored art is legal can remove mosaic censorship from the English version of the game with an update available on http://www.galaxypink.com.

For more details, samples, demo, or purchase, please visit:

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Galaxy Pink's work is top notch. I must try to submit some of my own animations to dlsite soon.