Look Out Brokeback! Yaoi Magazine Provides a Home to Global Fans

York, Penn. - September 1, 2008 - When Ang Lee brought the world the love story between two cowboys in late 2005 it shocked many people and made others grin happily. The ones with the grins were most likely fans of a Japanese export known as yaoi. Like Brokeback Mountain, yaoi focuses on the romantic and often sexual relationship between two men, but the average reader of yaoi fiction isn't what is first expected. "98% of my readers are heterosexual women ranging in age from 18 to their late 60's," says S. A. Payne, writer of dozens of romantic yaoi style novels and publisher of the upcoming Yaoi Magazine. "They like men and do not relate to the damsel in distress of traditional romance novels." Yaoi fills the craving for romance and adventure with lots of bishonen, a Japanese term for beautiful men. Despite the publishing explosion of this genre in the past few years, there is little outlet for non-Japanese artists and writers. "And there is a lot of amazing talent out there," Ms. Payne says. From this Yaoi Magazine was born. It will be published bi-monthly with the first issue to be released November 1st and showcasing not only some of the best talent outside of Japan but with a focus on issues, items and other unique points of view of this genre's fans.

"We want it to be a lifestyle magazine," Ms. Payne said. "We're producing the kind of magazine that we want to read. It’s about yaoi but it's about more than yaoi. A yaoi fan is progressive and has hobbies most people don’t even know exist, things like Dollfies and cosplay." The tagline for Yaoi Magazine hints at this, a global fan's lifestyle magazine and they say they need your help. "The talent is out there, the fans are out there, now we're going to bring them together," Ms. Payne added with a smile. Preorders of the first issue will go on sale October 1st with the first issue being released for November 1st. Submissions are currently open and further information can be found on the website www.yaoimagazine.com . To get a taste of what global yaoi is you can check out S.A. Payne's novels at www.sapayne.com.