eigoMANGA Studios to Publish Book Series That Teaches Business Etiquette

San Francisco, CA -- eigoMANGA STUDIOS announces that it has reached an agreement to publish a new comic book series created and developed by Jinsoo Terry, CEO of Advanced Global Connections, LLC, a Korean-American entrepreneur and international cultural guru who is known for her unique and innovative business and multicultural education techniques.

The first comic book in the series, PALBOT: Come To America, follows the adventures of Mr. Kim, a Korean businessman and his robotic guide PALBOT as the two head to America where PALBOT guides Mr. Kim step-by-step on proper business etiquette in corporate America.

eigoMANGA's publisher and CEO, Austin Osueke is excited about PALBOT. "We're very excited to publish the PALBOT comic because it's primarily an educational series but its production value makes it feel like you're reading a mainstream comic book. Plus, I enjoyed the story and I learned a lot about US business etiquette that I wish I had known many years ago," states Osueke.

Jinsoo Terry is founder and president of Advanced Global Connections, an advanced training company for US and Asian managers who are frustrated with cultural, language, gender and age barriers and want to quickly get immersed in American and Asian business circles. These managers then help others overcome similar obstacles and become "super heroes." Jinsoo's unique methods of multicultural training include F.U.N. management as well as comic books, music CDs and video techniques borrowed from the entertainment industry. Jinsoo is an award-winning, international expert and speaker on multicultural and motivational issues. Visit her websites for more information:

http://www.agcseminars.com and http://www.jinsooterry.com

Jinsoo is excited to have created the PALBOT comic book series because the story is based on her own personal experiences on how she ultimately succeeded in corporate America.

"I came to the US as an educated business woman from Korea when I was 30 years old and encountered many challenges in the business world. These roadblocks kept me from reaching my full potential in the American business community so I wanted to share my lessons with others who have English as a second language and are interested in functioning in the American business culture. Also I wanted to use the comic book format as it was an easy way to convey complex information as well as being more fun and visually exciting than other business education tools."

Jinsoo Terry recently contracted eigoMANGA STUDIOS to launch the official Palbot website at www.MyPalbot.com. The site features online comic book previews and insight on the PALBOT story. The PALBOT comic series will be released to retail starting in August 2007.

Jinsoo says triumphantly. "It was my passion and destiny to create PALBOT. Through this comic book series, I hope people will understand better how to interact with individuals from other cultures in a business community."

About Advanced Global Connections:

The Global Business Communications Program from AGC. Advanced Global Connections, LLC (AGC) offers innovative executive leadership and business training programs that take successful international executives to the next level of professional accomplishment by strengthening their skills for the global marketplace. Through customized programs that mix classroom sessions and simulations with real-world experiences.

AGC provides a unique opportunity for global executives who seek to enhance English communication skills and expand awareness of American business practices and culture. The AGC mission is to teach business, leadership, communication, and marketing skills essential to effective and profitable commerce in the United States and around the world.



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