Go! Comi Announces Portfolio Reviews At NYCC

Manga publisher Go! Comi has announced that it will be hosting portfolio reviews for the first time ever at their booth during New York Comic Con. The reviews will be held at booth 564 on Saturday February 24th between 10:00 AM and noon. If you are talented, ambitious, and have a portfolio, the editors at Go! Comi wants to see your work.

Does this mean Go! Comi is planning to start publishing original material? Creative Director Audry Taylor answered this important question with a cryptic smile. "Come to our panel Saturday at 2:00 PM and you'll find out."

"We're going to have a lot of fun at this con," she confided. "There's an artist I can't talk about. There are free posters I can't give you a sneak peek of. There are announcements I can't discuss. There's promotional art in the works that we can't show you. There's a website that isn't online and banner ads that aren't running yet. We're working hard here at Go! Comi not to tell anyone anything."

Upon the release of its first books in late 2005 Go! Comi immediately gained a reputation for the excellence of its series, its top-notch production values, and its incredibly paranoid upper management. Among the manga series Go! Comi has reluctantly released to the public are Cantarella, After School Nightmare, and the best-selling Her Majesty's Dog.