DC Comics Manga Imprint CMX To Publish GON Vol. 1

New York, NY - CMX, the manga imprint of DC Comics, announced today plans to publish GON, from renowned writer/artist Masashi Tanaka, for release in 2007.

Long before the dawn of Man, savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now, only one remains - the smallest, yet wildest of them all. GON marches across the wilderness defending the friendly and furry from the mean and hungry. Told entirely without words, the lushly illustrated adventures of GON highlight the amazingly detailed art and visual storytelling genius of creator Masashi Tanaka. An instant sensation in Japan where these comics adventures first appeared, the series returns to U.S. shores with this collection.

The first six volumes of GON were originally published in the U.S. by DC's Paradox Press imprint from 1992-2002.
The reformatted version published by CMX will be introduced at $5.99 (subject to change).

Masashi Tanaka received Kodansha's Chiba Tetsuya Award while he attended Osaka University of Arts (Osaka Geijutsu Daigaku), and made his debut as a mangaka in 1983 through Kodansha's Morning Magazine. He moved to Tokyo after graduating from university in 1985. In 1988, Tanaka received Will Eisner Awards in the Best Humor and Best Foreign Comic categories at San Diego Comic-Con.

Many of Tanaka's works are without texts, and his philosophy in manga is to express scenes as lively as possible with lines only without using tones. In other words, only things he needs to draw the grandeur of nature for him are, pens, ink, and fine line meshing. As a result, his art showcases the extraordinary portraits and delivers messages beyond your imagination through manga-style action scenes.

CMX is the manga imprint of DC Comics, home to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Founded in 2004, CMX has built a reputation as a versatile and eclectic home for top quality manga of all genres. Presenting the top work from some of Japan's most talented artists and writers, CMX continues to publish some of the industry's most sought-after titles, including EMMA, THE RECIPE FOR GERTRUDE, MEGATOKYO, and DENSHA OTOKO. CMX can be found online at http://www.dccomics.com/cmx/