First Look at PiQ's Media/Vendor Kit

From Comics212 comes an analysis of the media kit of ADV's new magazine PiQ. Available are some more information on the magazine, as well as the concept cover for issue one:

According again to the Media Kit, the new editorial breakdown for PiQ will be:

  • 20% Anime
  • 20% Gaming
  • 20% U.S. Comics / Japanese Manga
  • 20% Genre Movies / TV / Home Video
  • 10% Toys / Collectibles
  • 5% Gadgets / Hi-Tech Gear
  • 5% Lifestyle (fashion, accessories, events)

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RIP Newtype USA.I've seen the breakdown of what the new PiQ magazine from ADV will include and i'm afraid to say it will be nothing more than another clone of
other genre magazines currently out(the new Nerd magazine comes to mind)and i believe such a radical change is going to cost ADV subscribers rather than gain them new ones.I'll be buying the last issue of Newtype this week, but after that i plan to subscribe to the new Otaku magazine to fill in the void.I don't plan on subscribing to PiQ as i already am subscribed Maxim and feel PiQ will likely be marketed towards a younger skew anyway.Newtype was the best at what it did best, and that was to cover anime foreign and domestic.Turning it into another multi-genre clone will likely mean a fast and somewhat quiet death unfortunately.