Death Note Connected to Murder in Belgium? is reporting that notes with the message "Watashi wa Kira desu" ("I am Kira") were found near the scene of a murder in southern Brussels last week. According to the report, "local police have launched a murder investigation and that they consider it unlikely that the notes were left there coincidentally [...] Translated versions of "Death Note" are available in Belgium, where the comic is popular among young people."

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Possible lead

I found something you might find intresting. If you want to know email me at


I'm sure you are.
It's interesting that you would mention that.
Fascinating, actually, since you recently told me that you had absolutely no information that would be new to me. You must remember the e-mail? I've saved it, if you need it for reference.
If you don't know any more than I do, and I have hit a dead-end, then how could you be working on something that cannot be worked on?
You must be very clever to pull answers out of thin air.
Very clever, indeed.
Or delusional, in that you think you are an anime character, as well.
Or arrogant, because you think I'm stupid enough to believe you.
Or all three.
Don't take it as an insult, just another opinion.

possible lead

I found something you might find intresting. If you want to know email me at


reading your comments, it seems that alot of you want to see more of this killer. Some want to see "Kira" carry out more justice, while other's just want to solve the case just like they see on tv. It kind of makes me think. hahahaha.

Oh and to all you super-sleuths out there, you're not going solve this case just by looking at internet sources and web pages. You're going to need official files. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I'm just looking at this from a realistic stand-point.

Though I doubt whatever I say will stop any of you. Oh well, at least I'll be entertained.


Maybe you're right.

But think about it.
The police there obviously haven't caught the guy yet.
But if he does do something else, and he makes a mistake, they have a much better chance at catching him.
They being whoever is in charge over there.

Thats' true about the cops

Thats' true about the cops but I have herd that they are giving up. I'm not sure where this is going but I have no intention of giving up...and I don't think I am an anime character. I am a perosn, and the information I don't share is because it is not mine. I don't think your stupid and I dont expect you to believe me. I don't expect anyone to believe us but it doesn't matter anyway. I am not perticularly clever either. Anyway, I must be going.
Ja Ne


Aw, c'mon.
Don't be so serious.
If I offended you, I'm sorry, don't listen to me, I never really know what I'm saying until after I've made the mistake of saying it.

Besides, they would probably start working on it again if the killer murdered again.
I know it's messed up to say that, since it would result in someone else dying, but at least it would lead to the guy getting caught, right?
No need to answer.
I'm right.

You're pretty sure of

You're pretty sure of yourself aren't you? You haven't offended me, i don't get offended easily. Maybe I am to serious, but it's the way I work.

Oh, SL.

I don't know, am I?
Of course, if you take into consideration that the guy might not leave any evidence again, and the police won't find anything, it would have been for nothing.
I won't deny that.
But the chances of something being found are better, anyone with any sense at all could see that.

And if you're serious, that's fine.
But no one is that serious all of the time.

At any rate, I'm glad I didn't offend you.

Hm you're right with two

Hm you're right with two things: your information and how no one is serious all the time. I am actually a goof ball when im not working. But when I work I have to be serious.

I know I'm right, but it's

I know I'm right, but it's always good to know someone agrees, I guess.

I know I'm right, but it's

I know I'm right, but it's always good to know someone agrees, I guess.

Hm, don't get too carried

Hm, don't get too carried away with that attitude, it's good sometimes but it can get you in big trouble.

How presumptuous of

How presumptuous of you.
Please don't misunderstand me, I'm confident, but I'm not completely arrogant, though the two are easily confused.
I don't think I'm right all of the time, just when I have a reason to believe so.
And, at the moment, I do have a reason to believe so.
If I recall correctly, you told me that you agreed with me, didn't you?
Or have you changed you opinion all of a sudden?

You're right that that kind of attitude can get one into a lot of trouble, but if you're always doubting yourself, then you won't get anywhere at all.
Might I add that I am not risking anything of mine except for my credibility with a bunch of people who do not know anything about me.
Even if someone had the ability to find me by tracking my IP address or something, I doubt they would bother, because I am not an active threat to anyone.
I have nothing to lose, because I am untouchable, so making bold statements will have little to no negative effect on myself. Even if there was a possibility that some tragedy could result from something I say, I am perfectly capable of worrying about myself, thank you.

I see, and you are right, if

I see, and you are right, if you are inly doubting yourself you'll never get anywhere but I am just stating what I read. Also I didn't not say you were arrogent. I just said not to get carried away with your attitude. If anything you come off as cocky. You are also right that right now you pose no threat, which makes you safe. Be sure to keep it what way.

So now I'm cocky? If

So now I'm cocky?
If anything, that's a synonym to arrogant.

Also, I think it's kind of interesting that you discouraged me from doing anything.
I'm not going to get involved, and yet you still feel inclined to prevent that from happening.
Why shouldn't I?
Surely I mean nothing to you, so why are you so keen on stopping me from doing something I'll regret?

I'm not dicouraging you, do

I'm not dicouraging you, do what ever you feel like. I'm just stating what I see, that's all, but you like to keep up the argument don't you? :P It doesn't matter to me what you do, I have no interests in your life or what you do with it.

That's exactly what I

That's exactly what I thought you'd say.

You're absolutely right.
I do like to keep up my argument.
But so do you.
No one likes to lose, however small the argument.

I'm going to be on the move for the next two weeks, and I may not have time to respond to you, starting tomorrow night.
Just so you know.

That's alright because I

That's alright because I will be away with no computer access for a week, and have alot on my plate so I wont be finnishing this argument, you can say im giving up if you want. I don't mind loosing that much, I'm used to this by no, and it is not much importance to me at the moment.


There's a lot of idiots here-abouts who know nothing about how murders or murder investigations work.

Even playing around, at least get your deductive reasoning right. Jeezus.

Excellent. Let's just call

Let's just call it a draw, then, shall we?
No one wins, no one loses?

I really could care less who

I really could care less who won. There are more important things then fighting about nothing.

As we all know....

As we all know too well, Light wasn't stupid, and to pull off " A Kira " you can't risk being stupid.
Judging by how "good" this criminal hid evidence they're just as smart and Light, and judging by how I doubt there's a real Death note, tons smarter. I believe this killer is female.
Females tend to get more into anime and manga( If they were referencing it from the Anime/Manga) from what I've observed. Also note the misspelled 'desu'. This could of merely been misspelled to throw us off. However, that's where our Kira went wrong. Al though very smart, giving us very little evidence, we now have something important. This killer has a higher chance of being female. Also, there may very well be other Kira's. Nobody is safe if they're really that experienced. However, I doubt they'll kill again. Until then all we can do is piece together what we have and think of possibilities. However, remember, anybody can be a suspect. Don't get too close to anyone on here unless you're very sure they can be trusted.

However, I am on no-one's side. It is alarming, and some justice should be brought to this case, but we don't know who was murdered or for what reason they were murdered for. Until Kira strikes again, we can only give ideas.

Anyways, now that I've read

Anyways, now that I've read the full topic( Sorry about that!) may we return to our topic?

Yes, I thought you would say

Yes, I thought you would say that, so that's why I proposed a forfeit for both of us already.
You must have read what I wrote, or you wouldn't have replied, right?
What I meant by 'neither of us wins or loses' is just that.
I thought that proposition was clear enough for anyone to understand, but perhaps I was wrong.
I'm trying to tell you that we should pretend our 'nothing fight' ever happened, or at least disreguard the useless bits of it.
No one gets to win, and no one has to lose.
It's the way it should be, for now.

A, you have a good point.
And I am sorry, I did distract SL and got a bit sidetracked myself.
You're absolutely right, lets stick to the topic.

Has anyone come up with anything yet?

so almost a year went by and nothing still?
are the police even doing anything about tgis anymore?
are there in fact any updates on any clues?
has nayone come in with anything worth looking at,
and seriously....instead of calling ur self L or near or anythung, why not come up with ur own clever alias rather than a million Ls pr nears )btw near os gay)
please respond to this pleae im quite interested in this case and f there are any leads except for the whole misspelling and ages pr anything like that

They've probably stopped

They've probably stopped trying.
I mean, he stopped leaving obvious clues, like his first ones, that could link any current crimes to these.
It's like trying to catch a fly in a dark room for them, now.

I belive one reason actually

I belive one reason actually he spelled it wrong is he might of done it in a hurry, or either that it may be or some other reason, or just didn't have much of a chance to copy it down.

so any more

so are there anymore leads?


Many of the people using "L" or "Near" are most likely using it because they're fans, but if you think about it, because of that, your identity would be the least likely to be exposed, as otherwise if you used a unique alias, it would be much more easy to track, whether or not it is brand new, they could track your I:P: Address, and it would be even easier. Now...what would I have happened to miss?

True, but do you really feel

True, but do you really feel in danger of being tracked down and murdered?
Surely there are better, weaker, more easily-accessible candidates out there for them to choose from than any of us.
Do you think that this person is willing to travel halfway around the world/country just to find you?

I agree with you there

I agree with you there Akward child, there has to be about 0.5% danger in that case. There isn't much more to this case at the moment. Basically we've reached a wall we have to climb. Or something like that. Not much can be done at the moment.

I've talked this over with

I've talked this over with my friend's father. He's a police man. He thought this over for a bit and has agreed this case may be left unsolved but we can keep trying it we're really that determined. I think we do have an advantage here. Most of us have read the manga or seen the anime so we can possibly see how 'Kira' thinks.

Ah, but who's to say that

Ah, but who's to say that the anime/manga Kira and the Belgium Kira think the same way? Actually, I would go as far as to assume that they do not think the same way (not completely, anyway), since the Belgium Kira didn't kill a whole bunch of people in the name of some warped version of justice. They killed one, maybe two people, or at least, that's all anyone has found.
I read an article a few weeks back that stated that the police aren't even sure that the person who left the notes was the killer.
If the Belgium Kira is really a murderer, they aren't a very motivated murderer. I still stand behind my statement that they have a superiority complex, and wanted to outsmart the police, get publicity, and be done with it, but if you think there's something more to it than that, by all means, please share.

Hello, I think this killer

Hello, I think this killer will soon dispose of the remaining body parts in public places along with more messages.

Alex Bateman

Maybe you're right.
We'll know soon enough.
May I ask what brought you to this conclusion?


(205) 808-0631

prank call this guy! its too funny! i hate him so im posting his number every where. MUHAHAHAHAH

Oh, how mature of you.

Oh, how mature of you.

Humor This

These are my total thoughts on the subject... I believe you will find this more... informative... than most posts relating to this incident.

I must say that the murderer, whoever he was,
> 1.) Lives in the area, circa 2 cities from the scene of the
> crime.
> 2.) Walked that distance, as indicated by
> a.) No smell of gasoline... if the area had never had
> a car over it, the
> smell would have been there.
> b.) Cars leave heat trails that stay for over 48
> hours.
> c.) No bike equipment was found in the vicinity that
> was unaccounted for.
> 1a) Had a bike been the vehicle MO, there would
> have been signs.
> Dead bodies carted on a bicycle, if not
> receiving attention, do
> drop at least dead skin cells that were NOT
> found.
> 1b) Rubber flakes off when you start a bike up,
> and none was found.
> This indicates that more time than police
> have acknowledged was
> used to prep the body for the death, having
> to manually ship the
> body via box, or, more likely, in a bath of
> sorts, which catches
> blood.
> 3.) The body was stored in a controlled atmosphere for
> longer than 3 days.
> a.) While preserving the body, this would have kept
> conditions ideal for
> ensuring minimal loss of skin cells and maximum
> loss of identifying
> features. This, of course, presupposes that
> 1a) The victim lacked certain features as tattoos
> and piercings.
> b.) Hair has extremely stunted growth, but does not
> fall out naturally,
> when a person dies. Therefore, to have eliminated
> traces of hair
> that would have automatically identified an
> individual, the murderer
> must have shaved all hair, then used tweezers to
> remove them.
> c.) No blood was ever found. For a murderer, the best
> way to acheive
> this is simply to dump the body in a tub, and suck
> the blood out,
> much the way morticians do to dead bodies. This
> also disguises the
> identity of the murdered individual, because blood
> loss is well known
> to give a lighter pigment to people.
> 4.) The police investigation method was tailored by the
> murderer to allow her
> to get off easy.
> I'll get to why I say 'her' in a second.
> a.) The murderer rid herself of incriminating
> evidence
> 1a) There is no hair, an identifying feature
> 2a) Blood has been removed.
> 3a) The leg hair has been shaved... which could
> have identified hair
> color and thus set up a list of who was murdered and who
> could be suspects.
> b.) Employed tactics limit the suspects
> 1a) Travelers would logically be selected and
> detained... the
> murderess would have known that
> 2a) Removed blood indicates access to a plumbing
> store or store with
> plumbing access. Or personal usage, which can not be
> verified without a warrant
> that can't be verified without that information, etc
> 3a) The murdered person was close to the
> murderess. The reasons I say
> this are simple: 1) There is no sign of a bump or force,
> which would not be
> removed by the time of discovery and 2.) No individual came
> forth saying that a
> relative or friend had been missing for some time, which
> begs the question of
> who could know.
> 4a) Assuming that point 4b3a is accurate, the only
> way that the
> murderess could hold an alibi is to state that the friend,
> relative, or so on
> left via car. Not plane, which is trackable, but car.
> This supports the notion
> that the murderess lives within two cities of the incident,
> and gives an alibi
> in that it is acceptable to not hear from another person on
> a trip for a couple
> of days without thinking that something wrong has happened.
> 5a) Death Note references. Fine. Understood.
> Let's think about
> this... you've got a murderess who has killed the
> individual, dropped not
> one spot of blood, and dropped not one piece of hair, and
> never let a single
> skin cell hit the ground. This same person accessed the
> murder scene in a time
> that nobody would be around, in a place very few would
> suspect, using a
> transportation method for herself and the body in such a
> way that it's
> untraceable. Finally, this SAME person has not been
> caught. Statistics show us
> that the majority of people who watch anime, particularly
> Death Note, are male
> teens.
> Come on. It's not a huge leap of faith to believe that
> this same person
> didn't have the foresight to throw the police off the
> trail by leading a
> clue in the wrong direction, much like something out of
> Agatha Christie.
> ****CONCLUSION****
> The killer is quite cunning, and though the body statistics
> seem to indicate a
> medical joke, it's not. Additionally, the killer was
> intelligent enough to
> use that as an advantage, and throw suspicion on this whole
> murder. If I were
> the Belgian police, I would investigate
> - Women
> - Those with access to plumbing tools or water line
> construction.
> - Have lived in the area for longer than three years prior
> to the incident.
> - Ages 20 - 35
> - Those with freezers
> - Mortician receipts
> - Rented cars in country
> or
> - Incoming flights w/o rented cars
> - Two cities radius of city with body


Agrweed, and the fact that you are replhying so quickly must meaan you are looking at this a great deal. However, in regards to the identity and necessary travel arrangements I believe such a killert would require.... Do you have anything to add toi it? I'm not privy to the information that, say, Corpuss is, so some insight would greatly be appreciated.

In regards to your answer.... not necessarily. A female wouyld indeed be circumspect if you pause to pay attention to othe ingenuityu with which this scheme was carried out. For example,r I believe the fact that the statement was incorrectly written was a clever ploy to make this seem a copycat murder. The individual death has been planned out.

If you at all can, I believe it is best that you look into reccords that coicide with my suspicions. In alle honesty, I can reach records of mortuaries and nearby stores in Bellgium, but not the travel arrangements that I mentioned previously.

I do not know if you have acknowledged or know of this, but I regret to inform you of a group of murders with similar modus operandi. Additionally, if you can, check the student register. This is not out of some absurd notion that this will end as does the manga or anime, but I believe that the prank pulled wherein a cadaver was placed on collegiate territory was a set up by another individual related to the killer. This would have granted this 'Kira' another excuse, another layer of ruse fabricated so that the police would consider that the body they discovered so carefully murdered was in fact a human cadaver, which the murdered man appears to resemble a medical students night work. The formalities taken of removing the man of ALL hair and cooling his body to remove distinct fingerprints supports this notion.

If you have people you know can speak intelligently about this, please contact me with their information, and I will forward it. I again appreciate the time you took to read my report, and hope that you can return to me an email. I have additionaly worries that I can't reveal over the Internet, even in the privacy of my e-mail, for hacking is all too common and acceptable to others nowadays.

Delete this message once you have read it entirely, and I'll send it again.


Yes, the killer probably at the time lived there within 2 cities of the city of the incident. The cuts that were used did not pierce the skin in, say, a way that a switchblade would, they were more of a morticianary cut, aka, less invasive. Additionally, blood being drawn away and all, any such cut would reveal itself as visibly as a slice in a piece of paper.

The equipment necessary to do this procedere is hard to come by, and the cleanliness of the cut can only be reproduced by a person or group of persons practiced to do such. This once again lends credence to the idea that there was a collaboration.

Person One: Brought out a cadaver on the medical college's premises
Person Two: Asked Person One to do this, giving time for the body to appear to be perfectly cut, such as a cadaver.

Person One: Probably a medical student, took a break given over college to utilize his expertise in such a way that he could make the body seem cadaver-like

Person Two: Is Person One's alibi for where he was while he was performing the 'operation'.

There are some holes in the theory, however. For example, it interferes with the thought that the murderess moved in, and presupposes one of two unlikely conditions.

1.) Both individuals knew each other already, and therefore had a shared goal.


2.) Both individuals found each other, and plotted the murder.

It is possible that the murderess was in fact both people at the same time, but a secure alibi would have to be arranged. Assuming the student is in fact a college student, it would be simple to do. She tells her family she wants to take a car trip to visit them, but plans ahead a plane flight and a rental car. This gives the time for the single murderess to kill the man, prepare the body, then leave the body then leave for her plane flight. Of course, a second car would have to be fabricated, giving the ILLUSION that she has left... and all this should be relatively easy to find.


Destroying data after saving is Code 0999. Read then implement.

This Kira is almost certainly female, at least, the individual that has performed the act of murder almost certainly is. I offer that if this in fact a group effort, that two people would become each others alibis, and thus a search of that variant would prove futile. Police reports would have certainly connected any two individuals related to, or in friendly contact with, each other. Indeed, unless a single murderess had the capacity to be aided in her endeavor, her attempts would have rendered useless by the amount of time that would elapse.

I suggest that you examine the list of individuals who have had their name changed in the period of time between 2002 and 2004, then correlate that search to established residencies of aforementioned individuals.

My theory of the medical student has been proven true given the short time lapse and the placement of the prank cadaver, which, in conjunction with the events shortly occuring thereafter, establishes this. This fact, therefore, does not condone a search for missing mortuary tools, rather, it is the precise reason we should NOT look into them. It would be too simple for the school to simply fine a student that takes those materials, and the reports would have been picked over by the Belgian police, who investigated the medical facilties for such a discrepancy. Our 'Kira' is simply too intelligent to allow this, the foresight of the murder being established before this contact.

It is my belief that it is possible that our medical student, resident 'Kira', resided at a relative's house for some time in the semester leading up to the murder. Of course, there IS NO relative that this individual murderess would visit, rather, it would simply provide another alibi. For those reasons, I would ask you to assist me in looking for students who have lost a relative and thus left school.

Once again, for this accomplice that I believe exists... check for name changes in the country, and travel arrangments of frequent flyers for incoming airlines. The difficulty will arise in that these name changes and frequent flyer passes will be at least three years old by now. This, however, is a great asset to our search... among the frequent flyers, check for those who have 'petered off'.

Finally, the victim is of no relation to the murderess... for other reasons than I can state now, it is understood that if a man's genitals are removed, it is a crime of rage committed by those of relation to the murder(er/ess). Given the general duplicity and intelligence such as has become characteristic of this 'Kira', I believe this is as much a decoy as the notes left at the scene of the crime

I understand that this is a lot of work to undertake, and that you may have other priorities, such as college or a job. However, I believe it is worth the effort to find this 'Kira'. People can not be allowed to believe that it is possible to flaunt murder.


This link is for airports.... follow through on E34 onto E25, out of the country. The key issue remaining is this: Did the murderess come from E34 from the west? Or down towards A and back onto E34... I'm leaning that they came from the East, along E34 down to Mercatorpark Antwerp, then went to a city within two cities of Gillis-Waas.



This is the site wherein you can find the medical colleges surrounding the murder site.

I suspect Locations A,C,D,I... verify and enact Code 0999


I direct your attention to the Luchthaven Antwerp, in proximity to, but not the closest, the scene of the murder... but not the closest. Determine whether the airport flight is incoming or outgoing... you might want to look two or three months maximum before the murder.

The name of the place where the murderess got her rental vehicle is the Mercatorpark Antwerp. There are additional reasons for why I believe this, but one is that a money exchanger is at that particular location, and it is on E34 and connects via road to E25, which leads out of the country. I'm currently looking into rental housing and hotels... I'm still investigating whether or not the murderess had an accomplice, or if the two people were one and the same. Student information relating to a deceased family member for somebody in the medical college is still suspected... though check for something at least 2 semesters before the murder.

This is not because I suppose Kira to have avoided this circumstance with her massive intelligence. Rather, it is because the refrigeration could have delayed the body's decay by serveral weeks or even months, which would have rendered the individual less circumspect.


I think this is informative.... find me at

~ Roxas

However, it is also entirely

However, it is also entirely possible that the murderess lives in the viscinity. It would add to her ego and safety level to act in accordance to this. Moreover, if there were two people involved, we may safely assume that

Person One: Resides at Person Two's house. Though thorough searches in documentation may reveal otherwise, Person One is not related to Person Two, but simply lives in the house.

Person Two: An individual that has been hired by, and lives off a salary provided by, the medical college where one (supposedly) student lay a cadaver on school grounds.

I should mention that the way I am investigating this matter is unlike typical police actions. Rather than look for the suspect or his body parts, and connecting him with a motive and thus create a list of suspects, I am making exacting generalizations that narrow and tighten around the area.

As for whether or not the individual(s) have left the country, I reference my new hypothesis. Should it occur that one of the two individuals (and I highly suspect two individuals were involved) is in fact not a student of, but a faculty member of this medical college, it is entirely possible that the murder occured as early as two school semesters prior to the discovery of the body.

This possibility can be tolerated for now, for if in fact a faculty member was involved, they would have nearly unquestioned and unlimited power to hide AND PRESERVE the body... allowing the murderess to leave and leaving the police in a state of non-sequiter, with no leads to follow. Rather obviously, the prime suspects would be those who currently reside in the area, rather than those who left apparently before the crime could have occured.

In this manner, our Belgium 'Kira' wouldn't even have to hide her face... she could walk in the open and so long as she doesn't speak, she's free to live the rest of her life in safety from inquiry.

~ Roxas


Well, you've certainly gone into things I haven't even considered, and it appears that you have gotten your hands onto information that I haven't dreamed of accessing in a million years.
You are officially one of the few people I have any respect for, at all.
I'm busy now, but I will e-mail you come Sunday.
Please expect it.
Thank you.

That is very interesting

That is very interesting Roxas, I like your thinking.



If you have looked online for my name, you will know that I am looking into this matter. I do not presuppose myself to be on par with the Belgium police and international community, rather, I wish to hold a private investigation along legal channels to determine any oversights, and correct them.

I understand that according to the most common sense, it is foolish to post my beliefs on the Internet, for all to see. It is also understood that Kira will take counter-actions to negate my efforts.

However, if 'Kira' suspects that I am dwelling upon the possibilities of her existence, name, and location, than it will force that individual to act in a manner deprecatory to her safety, and thus reveal her. Or, it will force Kira to remain where she is to avoid suspicion, therefore making her capture less strenuous. So I will continue.

I'm not ready to name names.... I'm not the 'L' of the anime/manga. Unlike many who believe they are on par with that degree of intelligence, I can speak intelligently on this manner. I would like to believe I have enough intelligence to remain firmly grounded in reality. I'm just a man intrigued who takes this as a challenge to authority. Having spent a great deal of time on this issue, I'm ready to announce something of some importance.

I now have three generalizations as to the identity of the murderess.

1.) 'Kira' is a female professor at the college where the fake cadaver was laid upon the ground, and has tenure.

She is unmarried but maintains a friendly relationship in order to provide herself with an alibi in the increasingly likely event that she will require it. Though I am relatively ignorant of the educational pyramid, it is likely that this woman was pursuing her PhD or some other educational feat, establishing an alibi for hours of solitude and complete laboratory access. She is not in personal contact with, and possibly does not know the identity of, the individual student that set down the cadaver.

However, she may greatly suspect such. Since she is pursuing her educational pinnacle, she may have been required to teach students while being in the graduate program. If we assume such, it is not unlikely that she knows the temperment of some of her students, and could bend that to her will. A simple comment would suffice, e.g., "Although they are dead, they resemble a living human, and I know that may be hard for some of you."

This statement, in all innocous look, would subtly inform an attention-seeking student as to the potential for trouble that could be caused. In accordance to this theory, the professor has already been interviewed by police, and thus has the charismatic ability to evade suspiscion while redirecting it to others. She would realize that the student would act so, and this would provide her the opportunity to make her own murder seem to be on the student(')s(') level... eg, a mere cadaver.

In the instance of this Point, I am not considering the Luchthaven Antwerp, nor the Mercatorpark Antwerp. The reasons are apparent, and therefore, I will not waste time listing them.

2.) 'Kira' is seeking a PhD in a different medical college.

Not too far removed from the first theory, this theory suggests that a professor in another institue either

a.) Noticed the prank, and acted upon it


b.) Asked the student to perform the prank.

Subpoint A has its virtues, but likeliness is not one of them. Though it would clear the two of any correlation between prank and murder, and would explain the utter bafflement of the police, Kira is far too intelligent and overeager to simply wait for an opportunity. She'd rather create one, and remain in control. Having the prank simply occur would seem a deux ex machina for Kira, and this is highly improbable.... I do not support this line of reasoning.

Subpoint B seems nearly too direct. It acts on the notion that the true 'Kira' came into personal contact with a student, and in a manner less subtle than supposed in Point A, asked the student to perform the prank. A student can keep their mouth shut, I suppose... but this answer provides only more questions, and can not satisfy Ockham's Razor.

For example, when the real killing occurred, how could the student not respond to the investigation by coming forward? Would he not want his two minutes of fame? Would 'Kira' really allow another person that great a control over her? Or leave that much up to chance? Would Kira then be forced to kill the other individual ( As the saying goes: Best kept secrets are between two people, one of them being dead ) ? What form of bribery would convince this student to remain silent in the manner?

The simplest solution, per the Razor, is that they were related, or in a relationship. If a family connection explains the previous questions, wouldn't the police have noticed? AGAIN, would 'Kira' allow such a relationship to relate her to the crime in any manner? Would the advantage of not being 'on-site' when the murders occured be mitigated by fraying and increasingly loose ends?

The final subpoint, not aforementioned, is the smallest possibility, negated by the very questions that negated Subpoint B. If a professor was involved in setting up a cadaver workshop, which is not unheard of, between the medical colleges and THERE asked a student, subtly, discreetly, or directly to perform the act, than Point B would still have validity. But again... we must act in accordance to the intelligence of our murderer. An investigation into the prank cadaver would have included an investigation into the activities of those who could be responsible for it... including the aforementioned workshop.

Thus, when 'Kira' commits her crimes, her name would be linked to the workshop which was linked to a previous investigation (concerning the prank)... making her the prime suspect by default. Even the overt charismatic nature of Kira would not withstand the undiluted attention of the Belgium police and the international community, nor would Kira want that possibility. Kira may be vain and egotistical, but not stupid.

For example: Though I don't think the manga has anything to do with this case, I will use it for illustrative purposes. Light Yagame has a notebook that kills others instantly with supernatural powers. His IQ is over 500.

No human being has either that notebook, nor that intelligence, and thus by virtue of the smallest slip-up would be recognized immediately. It is safe to assume that the Belgium 'Kira' would not pit herself against the world, but would rather baffle it... and that is difficult to do when one is the prime suspect of an investigation.

Again, the Mercatorpark Antwerp and Luchthaven Antwerp are not considered in this theory, the methods of contact are established via other means already mentioned.

3.) A student that works part-time for the medical college is our 'Kira'.

This theory utilizes the Mercatorpark Antwerp and the Luchthaven Antwerp.


I appreciate the comments thanking my intelligence... but it should be known that this information in its entirety is public information, and that I am simply a person with a lot of free time.

If it has not occured to you already, there are massive holes in the conspiracy theories wherein two people are involved, particularly for the theories that the doctors of the surrounding medical colleges were involved. The charismatic capacity of this Kira could not exceed the entire intelligence of the Belgium police and the international committee.

Therefore, I am rendering inquiries as per those theories as a low priority. Unlike the 'real' L, I can not ascribe any kind of percentages... suffice to say, however, they are lower than the 33% that I would normally attribute to any theories that I have.

That being said, I am looking into the ability of a student to cause this crime. A student, perhaps one that works after-hours but not necessarily so, would have the advantages of access and maintain a relatively lower level of investigation directed at them owing to the lower proportion of the population they represent. A student could provide a conceivable excuse for a disappearance over time, and this discrepancy would be overlooked easily.

Firstly, she planned, the summer before setting up the cadaver, a trip with her relatives and/or friends. Phone calls were made, and she talked up a storm, saying she couldn't wait to see them, but saying that plane tickets were hard to come by, and that she may have to use a car. She then rented a car in advance just like her existing car in a location relatively close to her relatives/friends. If anybody asks, it got cleaned out and got a paint job.

If we accept that the egotistical and overtly vainglorious nature of 'Kira' would wish to remain in control the entire time, pre-existing public information aids in this theory. It is more likely that the Belgium 'Kira' had a cadaver intercepted that was entering the school, or stole one AFTER final checks on the number of cadavers. She then planted it, using her plant of this already dead body onto the property to determine whether or not the police and the college were capable of identifying her.

Confident that they couldn't, or, in any case, in the event that they didn't, she rented a car in advance to use for her alibi, and bought plane tickets at the Luchthaven Antwerp. The enormity of the airport's daily travellers allowed her to avoid suspiscion, and the Mercatorpark Antwerp held a money-changing system for extingency plans in extenuating circumstances. As soon as it was apparent that she would not be discovered for the cadaver over the summer, she went to work. She waited two weeks, assuring herself that the investigation, even under pressure from the public eye and media, was ineffective. It takes little more than three days to file and pursue a warrant in police affairs in the United States, and would take perhaps double or triple that time to perform an equivalent task in a college, where such is not often done.

Assured that she was lifted from the shroud of suspiscion, she then killed somebody. Somebody whose lack of existence in and of itself would be relatively unimportant.

The identity of this victim is not known to me, nor is it important for the purposes of investigation.... my ideology in this matter is to discover the murderess, NOT the way in which the victim came to be so.

The individual killed was maintained in a cooler in an apartment or rental housing in proximity to the school. The body remained there for a period no shorter than one week. I have my reasons for saying so, but that I will not divulge. It is possible she rented, or even owned, this property. Therefore, a brief retreat into this location would not be noticed. The summer concluded, she kept up a steady relationship in school and continued to mutilate the body. She kept talking about how she was excited to see her relatives/friends.

On a Friday afternoon she went to a hotel along E34 after switching her car for one she rented for two days at Mercatorpark Antwerp. Her friends expected she'd be on a plane flight to see her parents by now. Those that she is visiting expect that she is in her car right now. The new car would not be noticed, and since she was not expected to be still in the area by anybody, she does not exist for two days. She brings clothing and such into the hotel via suitcase to be used later to stock up the rental car on the other end to give it the appearance of her having travelled. She stays at this hotel for an entire day. Late the next night, she goes back to her apartment and grabs the body, stuffing the mutilated parts into the large suitcase.

Thankful for her foresight in cutting up the body, she takes the suitcase and places the body at the crime scene, and finally places the infamous notes near the body. She stays at the hotel for the rest of the night, and Sunday night readies herself for Monday. She goes to the airport on Monday and takes the airplane, arriving around noon at her location. She then fills up the rental car to appear traveled in, and drives to her relatives/friends, where she stays for around a week. Safely in the view of other people she knows will protect her via alibi, she stands horrified as the 'Manga Murder' breaks headline news.

The murderess left the notes, knowing the police would ignore them in search of 'serious' investigation, and knowing also that the entire world would look at them... This favors her egoism. However, she left them for another reason.

When people are talking about this murder, it is referred to as the Manga Murder. It is debated over and over as to who 'Kira' is, and how the murder occurred. It is wondered whether or not this person will kill again. Who's the victim, they ask. Fans of the anime and manga will rise, talking and debating these questions on forums such as this one, over and over again.

And people will inevitably call themselves Kira, and L, and Near, and so on....

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it?

Countless emails and phone calls have been received by the Belgium police by people claiming to be, or know something of, Kira. They all believe they have an insight that only they could fully exploit, and wish to grant that power to the police. Some prank call to threaten from public pay phones, others have promised to aid the police, still others ask to be involved in some manner. For each and every serious inquiry or claim, the police must answer the individual by either accepting the offered information, or if they claim to be Kira, look into the possibility.

Suppose our Belgian Kira did the same.

Suppose that this Belgium 'Kira' was intelligent enough to know that she could not face off against the entire police force if they searched each possible individual.

Suppose she knew that.

Suppose, also, that she wanted to quench her thirst for attention, to create an international scene. Suppose she did it for the publicity AND an alibi. She could once again hide, a tree in a forest, a grain in a sandbox. Suppose she knew that the media would arise, and that the police would be forced to engage itself against every person claiming to have insight into, or be, Kira. She could then simply call the police, and claim she too, was Kira. That way, rather than receive the undiluted attention of the police, she would receive a cursory glance over her profile and be dismissed.

Dismissed from attention, from suspiscion, from the likelihood of ever being caught.

Suppose that she knew that the easiest way to be overlooked is to be looked over. Her actions following would be overlooked. Her previous actions would receive a similarly light glance. When combined with her en-route alibi, any suspiscions held of her would be vacuum-sealed shut.

I'll understand if you're a little perplexed. My theories, however, are grounded, not in rumor, but in intuitiveness and actual investigation.

By the way, she was either a sophmore or a junior, ages 19-21. A freshman would be too apparent and would not know enough of the medical college's layout (concerning the cadavers and the operating system of the school) or life to establish this alibi. A senior would be suspected owing to the permanent leave they take of the school. And to Kira, what fun would it be to run away? She'd rather stay and laugh at the befuddled and clueless world.

If you believe I have a slip in my reasoning, please email me at

Additionally, if you are going to contact me to thank me for my insights or intelligence or say 'You've thought of things I haven't', please address me at my email, and do not take up space online for that purpose.

However, it is acceptable if you comment on my reasoning and pursue your own logic. Pursuing your own logic is different from questioning my own, and I am grateful we can have an intelligent argument and query as to the identity of Kira.

~ Roxas


Hello... This is Roxas.

What I have been doing is apparently more serious to some than others. Therefore, I will take a step that I did not wish to take.

For those of you who wish to contact me in regards to what I have posted, and MUST speak to me privately, my cell phone number is as follows:


If you call me, it had better be important. I will require proof of your identity, as well as an intelligent conversation on this subject only.


Again, only contact me if it is vitally important that we meet face-to-face, or if the matter is of such a caliber that I would deem it important. I'm in college now. If for any reason you have difficulty contacting me, I will always have my email.

Hello, this is A. I decided

Hello, this is A. I decided to use Coca Cola because A... Well, I don't feel like ripping off the anime and I like Coca Cola.

Now, back on subject.
I agree with Roxas, for you've brought up points I couldn't possibly have thought of on my own.
I don't have time to post more now, so I'll post tomorrow.
However, I will tell you I've looked into another possibility.

Looking forward to it,

Looking forward to it, Cola.
I agree with Roxas, too, but if you've got any other ideas, I would like to know them.
I believe it was Sherlock Holmes that said, "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth."
Since we have eliminated virtually nothing, I assume your ideas may be well within the range of possibilities.
So we're finally getting somewhere.

Holmes Rhetoric

Awkward Child, may I respectfully state that I have indeed eliminated possibilities that have led me into a corner I did not want to enter.

There is a medical college near Durden Park, where the body was discovered.

The surgical cleanliness and perfection of the victim's body's cuts indicate somebody with medical skill. Medical skill reaches its apex in: A) Those that have practiced for many years or B) Students, who have recently received necessary information.

The previous and, if research is to be believed, exceedingly factual statement explains the adage: If you can't do, teach. Therefore, unless the professors at the surrounding medical colleges consistently do medical work in addition to teaching their student constituencies, they can be ruled out. In any event, such can be done because such a time-consuming individual does (as I have researched), or should I say, has attracted police attention. If after police forces are brought to bear on the individual, I must conclude for now that they were not capable of performing this task.

Any other individual attempting this surgical precision would be given out by spillage of blood, poor entrances for the removal of blood, and in other mannerisms that would indicate a general inferiority in medical practice.

A college in proximity to the murder site was the site of a 'joke', where medical student(s) set a human cadaver upon the ground... the individual that did so was never found. Moreover, at that medical college AND the surrounding colleges (even as far off as in France) not a single cadaver, nor graveyard, was disturbed. This eliminates the possibility that professors or students from other colleges placed it there. The only other possibility in regards to that incident is that a student or faculty member there placed it there.

I do not believe that incident is not correlated to the body discovered in Durden Park.

Following the discovery of the corpse, the faculty members of the college where the cadaver was put on the ground were questioned, and none were even labelled as 'Suspiscious' in their activities. The seminars and workshops between professors and students were also checked, with an emphasis on those who organized them, and that too came to no avail. Seniors were also examined in the first college, and none were found to have anything strange occur in regards to them either.

I believe we can rule out the possibility of a real 'Kira' with a Deathnote. We can also rule out the Mons case... use some sense. It's not a leap of faith to assume that international borders were scrutinized and that travels between that country and Belgium weren't examined with anything but the keenest eyes.


I must assume, since all those suspects are rendered null, that it was somebody who lived in Belgium. It must be a non-faculty member at that first college. It is not a senior. And visitation to the college in question is incredibly limited, so it is not a freshman. Therefore, as much as I would hate to appear nothing more than a copycat 'L', I must state categorically that...

Kira is a student, currently between the ages of 20 and 22, still attends that university, and was never investigated. Assuming the school has 20,000 students split evenly between the grades, she is a junior or senior. She has not attended any of the aforementioned seminars. Not to mention that she has no partner (She wouldn't take the chance of being discovered and having her perfect murder 'ruined') She has a locked-tight alibi.

The only alibi that is accepted by police in events such as these is remaining in sight of other people. So, I propose that Kira is a

Female, 20-22, never attended a seminar, and was visiting family or had just returned from when news first broke of the Mangamoord.

Therefore, I posit our Kira has created the unique situation of having actually prepared the body of her victim at a time that her alibi establishes she was not capable of being there at.

As Sherlock Holmes once said, "My eyes tell me that on the inside of your left shoe, just where the firelight strikes it, the leather is scored by six almost parallel ccuts. Obviously they have been caused by someone who has very carelessly scraped round the edges of the sole in order to remove crusted mud from it. Hence, you see, my double deduction that you had been out in vile weather, and that you had a particularly malignant boot-slitting specimen of the London slavey."

Though not as crisp as the previous quote, it does take note of the fact that even the most hated deductions, ones you are loath to make, are true regardless. Certainly Holmes does not suppose Watson inferior simply because his shoes were scuffed. He simply arrived at a conclusion based on deductive, not inductive, reasoning.

The police are told to operate on inductive reasoning. This piece of evidence is here, it opens up a small list of suspects, which they seek to increase in hopes of finding the culprit.

I support deductive reasoning, which is the inverse. I make a list of all possible suspects, then make a list of the information that eliminates the possibility of certain suspects, and keep eliminating until I find the individual.

This is not to say I don't support whatever information you will bring to light. However, I do find it offensive to believe I have accomplished nothing. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion.

~ Roxas

Hm. It seems that Roxas has

Hm. It seems that Roxas has gone over what I was going to post today.
Anyways, this is getting us further into the case as we all know. After reading through cases in the past( Some similiar, some a bit off-topic compared to this case ), I'd also decided that our 'Kira' is probably around the age of 20-22 and had most likely avoided being around during the time the body was found.
Now, here's something I've been thinking about. Most criminals will try to involve themselves with the case( Such as helping to try to solve it ) to see how it's effected others, to point the blame at somebody else, To throw the investigation off, etc. And they all failed and were caught in the end. So, could it be possible that our 'Kira' has decided to do the same and get involved with the case?


They wouldn't have to be involved directly, as Light Yagame in the anime/manga was, but rather, indirectly by contacting them. Those precious first few weeks the Belgium police force asked for witnesses to step forward. It's possible that Kira is one of the manegerie of people who answered the summons.

I can't possibly do this without going through the proper legal channels without going to jail, so I have to ask the police for the list of contacts they received in regards to Kira for the first three weeks. Somehow, I doubt that they'll grant me that access.

As to the post regarding whether or not Kira involved herself, I have to agree, and state that Kira would never be caught while so doing. Considering the vast amount of intelligence that went into the planning of the murder, I think that is relatively safe to say. Additionally, Kira still lives in the surrounding area, and has to hear every time Durden Park is mentioned about the murder that she committed there. For myself, were I a murderer, that would suffice.

Finally, nobody seems to realize that it's incredibly difficult to plan and commit a murder without arousing suspiscion in oneself. If you attempt to think of all the preparations that would go into the act itself, you will begin to understand. Add to that the complete evasion of blame and we have ourselves a genius. I have no doubt that Kira herself is my intellectual superior... and that is why I enjoy this challenge.

If you will excuse me, I have a Ramen to attend to. Consider.

~ Roxas

No one's posted in two

No one's posted in two days?
Though, ah, I am sorry, Roxas.
I didn't mean it that way, I just meant not to rule out a possibility just because it's unlikely.
I wrote what I meant, but I didn't mean what I wrote, if that makes any sense to you.
You've done more than any of us, to be sure.
No disrespect intended.

Also, whoever keeps sending

Also, whoever keeps sending me the blank-subject e-mails from the awkwardly named e-mail address, some scrambled letters-and-numbers affair, I have not been opening them, as I don't want any viruses.
Just in case you haven't figured that out yet.
If this is you, please tell me.
Thank you.

Um, Hello? I was just

Um, Hello? I was just checking in on the web for serial killing techniques when I found this, so I'll be researching this case and be back tomarrow.

Why were you looking for

Why were you looking for serial killing techniques, I dare ask?

All of you have watched far

All of you have watched far too much of the anime or read far too much of the manga to live in reality. There is pretty much every letter in the alphabet over the internet now to represent "L" and a vast majority of them call themselves L out of stupidity. Nobody really realizes the actuality of all of this and nobody cares to realize that, more then likely, it was an actual prank. If another case like this one happens, then that would rule out the fact that it could be a prank, but until then just sort of leave it alone. Ignore this "Kira" wanna be and stop pretending that you're a super genious investigator, realize what you who pretend to be Kira or L are, immature little children. The manga isn't real and you shouldn't want to be a fictional character in the first place.

Hm, well excuse me. I don't

Hm, well excuse me. I don't want to be taken as rude but, have you even READ this topic? We're not pretending we're some " Oh so super smart detective geniuses " and we're smart enough to know manga isn't real.

I am very aware that I am a

I am very aware that I am a teenage girl with literally no knowledge about how murder investigations work.
But since you are so sure about what you wrote, maybe you're right.
Maybe I do think I'm a detective and I am going to save the world.
Maybe I do not realize that I cannot do a single thing about this, because I am so powerless, and I don't even realize that I am under such an impression.
It's possible.
Thank you for showing me the light.
I am forever grateful.

Nobody has responded in

Nobody has responded in quite some time... disappointing. I had assumed that some people held more than a small interest in this matter, but it appears I am once again mistaken. As usual, I will continue alone. I do not suppose I will solve this murder case... merely that I will learn what I will up to my satisfaction.

Though only one Belgian Kira will know how far that satisfaction may be. For those of you who believe that I am an utter fool, I implore you to read what has been stated previously... the conjectures here are suprisingly well-formed for the audience that one typically sees on this kind of website.

Hm, Roxas I have a question

Hm, Roxas I have a question for you, I would like to know where and how you have come to the conclysion of all your information. And I apologize for not being around, but It's probably more or a nucence to have me around. I've been working very privately with a friend of mine and I haven't been able to get to anything other than our work.
I will try to be around and useful.
Ja Ne

Affirmation of Beliefs

These are merely my private thoughts on the subject, based upon what I know of the general intellignce of people. Creepy though it may sound, I actually sat down and planned the murder of an unknown person known as Heisse. I knew I wanted the murder to occur, where I wanted the body to be found, and what I could do to avoid suspiscion. Very un-detective-like, but, in all honesty, that is how I reached my conclusions.

However, a friend that I have found came to the same conclusions that I had using a different method, so I'm quite sure that these beliefs are reachable by any given person. The variable is simply how much time it takes. With that in mind, I would prefer that you remain active and post every thing, every question that comes to mind. Perhaps there is a factor I am taking for granted.

And by the way, for those of you who would like to believe otherwise, I do NOT have access to government files or information. I am merely an individual with too much time on my hands. Additionally, if I did have government information, I would, for the safety of that information, not participate in this discussion. And finally, I would ask that those of you who insist on calling me Kira or Light to please refrain from so doing. I find it extremely offensive to myself and to Kira. Kira is too intelligent to be caught by the likes of the police... I do not suppose myself that intelligent. In fact, it would be a fool that supposes himself more intelligent than he is...

Besides, how could I prove that I am not Kira? It's so difficult to prove a negative.

As a favor that I ask from myself to my colleagues, please post periodically. I nearly left this channel, I found it stale, but did not want to leave without notifying those who were patient with my quirky and undoubtedly wrong theories. Apparently, you wish for me to stay, and I appreciate the kindness.

~ Roxas

I don't recall seeing anyone

I don't recall seeing anyone refer to you as Kira.

Actually, I've still been

Actually, I've still been checking daily.
I didn't really feel a need to respond, since no one else had, either.
I have to admit, I was losing hope that anyone would come back.
If the fact that I haven't been posting absolutely every thought that occurred to me bothers you, I apologize.
I just don't find it necessary to inform everyone on everything, all of the time.

I see. Alright, then. I

I see.
Alright, then.
I understand.



Hi MY name will bbe nunavailible to you but you will know that I'm a person working on the case any information I cannot give you but I can do this I will find this basterd of a villian but I cannot do this alone I need all the info that everyone has collected we can work together on stoping this ..(unjustice)

Unjustice is not a word.

Unjustice is not a word.


Ok i highly doubt this is person is going kill anyone else if he/she was wouldnt they have done it by now? While i do agree that he/she is dangerous and needs to be caught but there is no need to blow this out of proportion.

I am RIKI and I have a

I am RIKI and I have a possible lead to solving this case and catching this so called "Kira"



Here it is mouther-fuckers

Here it is mouther-fuckers :

Enjoy, biOOtch.... ^_~

who is using my user name?

who is using my user name?


i havnt been here for like two years and you all are still talking about this, look here the person commited one murder so far as i remember no others so for those who think there is a note book that can kill people no second get over talking about this it was just a fuckin human who did it and you all are making the person look like a fucking god even if you dont mean too also the person who did this probally isnt smart i mean you can be good at killing someone but suck at everything else thats pretty much it get a life. now i know people will get all pissy and respond back so i will be checking this site for problly the next two-three days.

Actually, they WOULD have to

Actually, they WOULD have to be smart. In order to kill somebody and get away with it( As they have so far. ) they would have to be pretty smart in general.

WTH? This is what I have to come back to?! o_O

Who gave away that link to the website and how'd you get it? I go away for quite awhile due to depression and stress and this is what I get?! NANI?!

Just a question has anyone

Just a question has anyone heard that L had to chase literaly chase a suspect? I call him L cause he's a sluth but he might look diffrent oh god it's errie and I tried to warn people about this no one listens one actuly suported kira not giving names I hope L dosn't get killed I'll admit that I had something I hid I know someone who died of a heart attack at a young age perfectly healthy he wasn't someone who was an athete. He was a friend of my mother. he died before the belgium incedent or murder but his funeral was on July fith my birthday. ick


L had to lieterally chace down someone? Did he catch em? That's pretty interesting. But I still wanna know who put that link up and how they go it -_-'

I wounder if he did he

I wounder if he did he hasn't told me if he did SL I think you might be the L I know not telling on here my relation to L or kira might come after me even if I might suport him alil

You people have no sense of

You people have no sense of dignity, do you?
I say this not because you are interested in this subject, but the way you're going about discussing it.
It's no wonder you've driven all of your worthy benefactors to leave this particular site. They must have been annoyed with having to bother with this kind of irksome discourse.
They probably lost any hope they had because of what they saw in you, and isn't hopelessness the most hindering feeling of them all?
I hope you're proud.

you are on here to bastard

you are on here to bastard this person is postin some pregnant girls number and telin then to haras her and she is pregnant he is also goin under other peoples names to make it look like they did it because they are people she know

I'm sorry, and that is my

I'm sorry, and that is my fault how?
I didn't tell them to post that number, nor did I do it.
And how do you know she's pregnant? Did you call it? How would you know unless you either called her or poster her number?
Some nerve you've got there.
But of course, you must have only called to talk to this stranger, since you're such a sweet person. What an example for our community! Your kindness is not in vain, my dear friend, for you have obviously contributed so much.
Even if you did just do it for kicks, she probably wouldn't have understood anything you said anyway, if you speak anything like you type.

Who posted under my name?

Who posted under my name? -_-' WTH........

No one blames you for that,

No one blames you for that, dear.
By looking at what you wrote before and what that post says, it's pretty obvious that some jackass used your name as an alias.

Good, you'd better be

Good, you'd better be watching the posts.
You took your sweet time on that, didn't you?

You don't even want to know

You don't even want to know whats posted on the other site.

You're probably right, but

You're probably right, but I'm curious.
On which other site, Mr. Droog?
The other report on Comipress, or is it another website entirely?

type in death note in search

type in death note in search here. the go to the first death not topic. it should have about 6000 posts

also if anyone is interested

also if anyone is interested you can go to a better place than Comipress. you get your own profile and profile pic and can post and make topics and post pics if you want. just sign up. if you need help or just post any questions here. i will be happy to answer them.

You're probably right, but

You're probably right, but I'm curious.
On which other site, Mr. Droog?
The other report on Comipress, or is it another website entirely?

This site:

Yeah, I went. It was awful.

Yeah, I went.
It was awful.

Interesting that nothing

Interesting that nothing has really turned up. Especially on the other link. I was just checking in and figured it's post. Nothing is really happening so I'll leave with this and a note that this case is going down hill isn't it? Well look at my wrist it's time to go. I might be back on from some certain crazy random hapenstance, fairwell

Ja Ne

SL & SL Hostest was awful. Very was awful. Very awful. And so this should teach a lesson. Do not post foolishly. This kids........they don't know better and they ignore consequenses. They need to realize you can't go around making threats the way they did. Like I said before...comipress is going to die down. And soon nobody will post as much. At least not the Death Note fans. That is all. I've done what I needed to do. So I will move on and seek out forums like these that are corrupted. Thank you. ...and goodbye.


Goodbye think its think its over? your wrong. i will be god of the new word soon. and shane greer. you shall die very soon........i can see it already..





Oh dear. This is why human

Oh dear.
This is why human beings lose my respect so easily.
People are so civil in reality, and on the internet, their true, angry or deceiving colors show.
I'm willing to bet that at least half of you are in middle school.
The other half are probably in high school, maybe college.

When i first read this story

When i first read this story it gave me goosebumps from my head to my toes. Ive read many criminal psychology book, hell i have a tattoo of L on my right hand but you idiots think you can actually help with this murder case. Your no detectives, your not even a couch detective(if may use a death note term). Just leave it alone before you piss someone off. Kira (in death note) was a murderer no better than any other, same goes for this one. He will be caught and hopefully put in jail for the rest of his life. I hope you all come to your senses before some family member kicks you in the balls.


You are all wrong.

We live in funny times.

We live in funny times. Don't we? Niether civil nor savage.

This is Hari-Ken Tenshi

This is Hari-Ken Tenshi Okami, roughly translated as Hurricane Angel wolf, There was a site a lot like this and a bunch of bantering around there. Real L if you are posting here too, I suggest you cease and desist or else. you have until. 30 minutes to reply with your answer.

Ah reaper, I see you made

Ah reaper, I see you made your way on to this thread, I anticpated that, I also anticipated taht spam bomb that is accessed by clicking the username which I assume has vulgar and disgusting images, still trying to destroy mine and rains reputation by saying stuff and posting that, you are a fucking amateaur compared to us. I also know that you are posting as a former comipress veteran known as "A" I would like to know why you hate us so much to the point where you spread gay rumors about me, rain and zybil? until you started this we never did jack shit to you, but you like to hurt us for kicks. you drew first blood not us. what is it you have against us and what kinda sick fuck poses as someone they barley know and posts vulgar pictures?

-sigh- I thought all of

-sigh- I thought all of this was done but it seems that kids will be kids and some of those kids never grow up. As I said before..Pointless.. Simply pointless. Pretending to be another person and acting as if they were gay? Only a child would do such things. And I would assume your a Homosexual since you always post as someone else and post very nasty and disturbingly gay things. We all know its the same person so your just making yourself look like a homosexual. And another thing. Why post as someone else anyway? Nobody is going to believe those are the real actual people making those posts. It's quite disturbing to see how childish this person is. From what I've seen this person is just a lonely loser. It's obvious that you have no life if you have noticed that other people were posting here. So that means you obviously keep watch on Comipress so you can have some glimps of hope that someone will post and then you can make yourself the center of attention. You obviously really have no life if you keep watch on Comi since nobody has posted in a long time. I bet you keep watch every day. The people who were once on here before wont come back no matter what you do or say. Your just a foolish child behind a computer who likes to post as other people and say they are gay. If you post as me I won't be suprised about it. Grow up, Get a life, Get a girlfriend, and get a psychiatrist to help you with your gay issue you have there. Everybody here looks down upon you and nobody here will ever like you or want to be your friend. I wouldn't be suprised if your just an anime nerd in school who sits by himself at the lunch table and has only 3 friends in school. Your not powerful just because you can post as other people. Your not going to be popular from doing this or even be liked. Just because your a loser in school doesn't mean you can come on here and think you can do stuff like this. Get a life fool. Get some friends. And stop being a little nerd loser who has no life.

Trolls aren't funny,

Trolls aren't funny, dear.
Go back onto your 4chan or wherever it is that you came from.
We don't do that shit here.
Not that we do any shit here, anymore.
The point stands.

Ohh, Anonymous L.
"Get a psychiatrist to help you with your gay issue you have there."
I don't know why, but I laughed so hard at that line.
If I may be so bold, I dare say that I would marry you in an instant.

Wow! You are all so lame.

Wow! You are all so lame.

Gumugum if you are reading

Gumugum if you are reading this I advise that you close this thread too because all the fucking people from the last thread are gonna come crashing here since we talk about the same shit here that we do in the last thread.

I agree with Hari-Ken Tenshi

I agree with Hari-Ken Tenshi Okami. It's pointless to keep threads open if nobody posts on it, and if there is excessive trash talking and abuse on it. I advise you to close this thread to. After all I helped close the last one. This one should be closed if all this continues.

The point is, this is not a

The point is, this is not a forum, this is a news site, with comments open to public, if idiots keeps spamming comments to force the comment to be closed so no one else can discuss stuff, then whoever spams it will just have to be banned from the site, this is a warning to all those who are posting spam on the site.


Um Gumugum...................I think you've just been challenged. I hope you know that Gumugum can see our IP addresses, and our email. Thats how they bann someone by banning the IP address. Your a fool if you thought you could post here without unknowlingly giving out information about yourself. You idiot.

It seems the fool posts no

It seems the fool posts no more. I guess he was frightened by Gumugums warning of banning him...And we all know he wouldnt want to be banned since posting on places like this are his life. I bet he is reading this right I will tell you. You shall not make threats, You shall not send viruses, and you will never again post as another and try to fool others into thinking its that actual person. Reaper...or whatever they call you. I can tell your just a kid.....a fool.....pathetic. Your scared to post now I see. And if you do what you did again Gumugum will just bann you.

Look, goddamn it. I keep

Look, goddamn it. I keep telling you. That guy is NOT me!! You fucking idiots!

I suggest you calm down

I suggest you calm down Reaper. I don't know why this guy is doing this or posting a phone number? Zybil?? Who is that? Is that supposed to be someone on Comipress? If so Why put a phone number of that person? Im the one who is calling you out. You know your going to get permenantly Banned from comipress and im not talkin just this topic im talkin The Website comipress. You won't be able to access it anymore. Goodbye you pathetic fool. You child. Your so powerless. Giving a phone number out is pointless. Who really has the guts to call that number anyway. Your phone would just show up on ID caller. So why would you give a number out anyway? I will give my phone out. Why don't you give it a call you fool. Go on a phone number can't harm a fly you fool. 0120-974-935 Go on call it so I can get your number and charge you long distance. And doing your little fancy tricks like Star 69 or whatever you do to hide your number won't work. Here in japan we have things that reverse that and your number will show up anyway. Go on I dare you. Your just a kid I hope you know. An immature child.

I think I'll post that

I think I'll post that number up on some other websites. Doesn't matter if it has ID, the people who prank call it. Won't know that. And thank you for your number, Nathan Rain. I hope that is your real number. You seem to want to trick me to ring it.....

Honestly though? Who do you

Honestly though? Who do you think I am? Do you think I'm some other person from comi? Are you serious? You must be an idiot. And first of all nobody has the guts to prank call and if they do I will just block their number. Your such a fool. If you post that number people will only look at you and think your a dumbass and an immature child. Thats all you are right now. You think you can just go around being a dick to people? I bet you got raped when you were little thats why you act like this huh? You probably don't have any parents do you? I can tell your always online. And the reason Im online most of the time because thats were I do my work you idiot. You probably just look up porn all day and have no life. You idiot.

-sigh- I don't know where

-sigh- I don't know where your getting that name from? I don't know why you keep calling me Nathan rain? I really don't? What are you giving me nick names now? How childish of you. Or do I remind you of someone or something? No matter your just a child stuck in his own little world. And you really think I'm dumb enough to click on that link huh? You little idiot. You can't win. I will be here as long as your here. People like you disrespect anime so much. Then you think you are actually powerfull because you can post nasty bad words to people. I mean if thats what gets your self esteem up for the day before you get bullied in school then you are a sad little boy.

why do you think rain is

why do you think rain is anonymous L?

Ok wtf is going on here? why

Ok wtf is going on here? why is everybody fighting again? like seriously its so pointless. and why does that guy keep posting as other people? thats like..........seriously stupid to do. people here are some fucking losers except for a few. i dont know what peoples problem is but god dam some of you need to get a life and stop posting as other people. dont make me curse you out like i did that faker the real L. seriously. what a loser.

you mean that rain guy? i

you mean that rain guy? i saw him in the other forum like a long time ago cursin out this guy and the real L. and the real L shut up eventually but this kid wont give up. and rain hasnt posted in like forever dude. im sure he would post as himself and curse you out himself if your sayin shit about him. god dam your so stupid. i swear some people have no life or anything at all. all they do is like be mean to people and shit and say shit. dude you can post all the viruses you want but we arent stupid enough to look at them and click on them you dumb fuck.rea

I think this kid is a dick

I think this kid is a dick sucking loser who has no life and likes to think posting a phone number is gonna like ruin someones life. what a dumb fuck!! hahahahah. dude your such a loser. and your like seriously gay to the bone cause you always post as someone else and say spicy penis and shit. dude if your gonna insult someone dont make yourself look super gay you faggot. get a girlfriend...or a boyfriend in your case you loser. and i hear you from new york huh? maybe thats why you think your like the shit. new yorkers suck balls and are full of themselves. you probably think your tough shit cause you live in the bronx yeah right!!! dont think your like tought shit dude you probably live in the rich white people part and sit at your computer all day jaggin off and calling people names and trying to post numbers and shit. dude your nothing but a little loser who has no life and is angry over i bet some stupid shit huh? LOL this kid is such a fucking loser!! hahahahaha. why dont you go find your mommy and daddy if you have any and go cry to them. i bet someone you knew died in the world trade center attacks huh? too bad buddy cause if you did they are dead and new york is just gonna get bombed again because everybody knows new yorkers and full of themselves and easy targets. your nothing but a low life peice of shit on the face of this earth. so stop being a little prick and grow up before someone kicks your little jagg of ass.

Um.....Thank you for that

Um.....Thank you for that near. Anyways. I think You need to really grow up. I mean calling people names and posting as them? What is that supposed to do? You can't push my buttons cause you don't personally know me. So why don't you give up. I swear all american kids are the same. They are rude little uneducated snots who think they are better than the rest of the world because they live in america. Now I'm not going to be like near and say anything about the World Trade center because that was a terrorist attack and My father was in one In tokyo. But American kids think they are better because your country is number one huh? Well who do you think has the smarter children hmm? Japan is #1 in learning software for children in shcool. My 7 year old son is only in 3rd grade and he is smarter than most 12th graders in america. Not because I push him to do well. Our school systems are far better than your's. Your just a sad little american boy aren't you? Oh and by the way. There is a new law in the United States, Japan, and other countries that state you cannot harras someone online or you will be fined and put in jail. So I suggest you stop right now or you will be thrown in jail.

Hari-ken? You are still

Hari-ken? You are still alive?

Um I wouldn't know because I

Um I wouldn't know because I have only been to america like 3 times. I have no idea what the hell teledo is? Is that like near where you live or something. It doesnt matter anyways. And who the hell is zybil? I really don't care if you put a phone number idiot. I mean what does it do to me huh? Your such a pitifull lonely child. Grow up and get a life loser.

toledo is a city in ohio

toledo is a city in ohio where the area code 419 is registered, however I don't live there. Reaper thinks its a friend of mine and rains phone number (which obviously is not) and is urging people to prank her. I don't know what his problem his, we never did anything to him so Idk why he is doing this shit to us.

Oh? And why the hell is he

Oh? And why the hell is he brining me into that? I don't even know who they are? Whats his deal anyway?

Ok it's obvious that he

Ok it's obvious that he hate's them but why does he think that rain guy is me? Like seriously? My first time posting on was I think about a month ago and I was just saying how childish everybody acts?

he thinks youre rain becasue

he thinks youre rain becasue you are telling him off liek we used to do.

Well I don't really care

Well I don't really care what this guy thinks. All I know is that he is just a sad little person. He needs to get a life and grow up. Because nobody likes a snot nosed little brat who is annoying and cries about stuff. Thats what this kid is doin. He is trying to push my buttons. But he is doing it to the wrong person. Posting a number that has nothing to do with me won't get me pissed off. thats like me posting a random number and calling you a name. That wouldnt make sense now would it. Maybe he is doing this to mess with my head or something but its not working because I know who I am and he needs to grow up. Go to hell you little american bastard.

Hmm? what is that? Why would

Hmm? what is that? Why would you want to destroy that? Are you the same kid as before? I don't understand? How will that hurt me by posting a link?

no please don't go on that

no please don't go on that forum

Why? Whats there?

Why? Whats there?

im american and i think

im american and i think japan rocks

You are all more stupid than

You are all more stupid than I thought. That isn't my myspace, I'm not 19, and I'm not from oklahoma, stupid. And Anonymous L, you pathetic retard, I see you like to go under other names, and pretend to be other people, to bad, you are, no good at it. You make me laugh, fool. It is already obvious that you are nathan rain. You are just to stupid, to figure out, how I know. Shows how stupid you are, bitch.


? Ok I don't know what your kids problem is but you all need help. And you! You keep calling me weird names? What is your deal! Just because you hated that guy doesn't mean you have to just come her and start saying I'm him! You have serious issue's kid. Get some help. I never realized how fucked up things were with american kids but now I know. You need serious help. And your one to talk about posting under someones name. Why don't you just post under your own name unless your to lame to come up with one. Your pathetic kid.

You are so pathetic, rain,

You are so pathetic, rain, you stupid bastard. Why do you need to make a new user name, and side with yourself? I bet you go under many different names, and talk to yourself, and agree with yourself, how sad, how very sad..... And how come you are always online? You need to get a fucking life, and stop going under lots of different user name, which you use to agree with yourself. And you tell me that I need to get a life? Why don't you stop placing your own faults on others, fool.

As I said before I don't

As I said before I don't know what your problem is but you have issues. Your the one going under different names. What is your problem kid? Whatever you know what I bet if I just left you here by yourself you would go crazy since you couldn't get your daily curse in on people. You have issues. I hope you know that kid. And you can say all you want about those people because I don't even know them dude. You have serious issues man.

Well well well, it looks

Well well well, it looks like, shane greer, is still alive.... what a pity, I would have thought someone, would have killed you by now. *sigh* ugh, if I want a job done right, I should've done it myself.

Nathan Rain, you are still

Nathan Rain, you are still trying to convince me, that Anonymous L is not you? Why don't you give it up? You stupid fool, I'm only going under peoples names, when I have some thing to say. You are the one making lots of new people up, and talking to yourself, you sad pathetic bastard. I pity you, you and you sad life.......

You pitty me? LOL! Ok kid

You pitty me? LOL! Ok kid thats funny. Your the one who can't even spell right. I noticed alot of people here can't even spell right. Your the one who is pathetic kid. I'm not the one sitting at home being a little prick to everybody just because you don't have a girlfriend or any friends to go hang out with. I make money by being on the computer kid. You just sit there and jagg off to hentai and wish you had a girlfriend. I'm tellin you one day all this is gonna come back to bite you in the ass. And hopefully as you get older you will realize that. Your definitly still a teenager by the way your acting. Your just a brat who can't get what he wants so you take it out on everybody else huh? You wish you had friends and people who cared about you. I have it all kid. I don't need to sit here and take shit from some little american prick who thinks he can say whatever he wants just because your on the internet. Your just a little loser who needs to grow up. And also you need help cause you are like Dead set that I'm Someone else and I find that so funny I fell out of my chair. I really do find it funny that you think you can do anything you want and say anything you want. Well here's a reallity check kid. YOU CAN'T. Your just going to keep going on and on about this aren't you? I really think you have issues. You know I honestly don't know what went on here before I came and I guess you really got a huge mix up here but I find it funny because it seems you can't let go of the fact that whoever you think I am isn't even here. I have not seen anybody named nathan rain post here at all kid. And you know maybe you do think I'm this person but you can think whatever you want I know who I am and I don't need some little american teenager telling me who I am and who I'm not. You need to grow up you little prick because in the real world your going to get crushed. So I have one thing to say to you kid. ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????? ??????????????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ?????? ?????????. ?????? ????????? ??? ?????? ?????? ????????? ??? ????????????.

Oh and we'll see who is

Oh and we'll see who is laughing when the Admin Gumugum Banns you. I know you wouldn't dare say a thing to him. I can tell your afraid of the Admin. You should be anyway. Becuase Gumugum even said he is banning people who cause trouble and spam. And you have been sending virus links. Oh and by the way I haven't flagged a single post you dope. Ever consider other people on here who don't like you did that. What a immature child you are. Have fun being banned from comipress. Gumugum will take care of you right away.

There is some thing in that

There is some thing in that Japanese text, that gives the fact, that you used a translator, away, but, you are to stupid to see that. There are many things that are being given away, that you are to stupid to see, that proves the things I have said to be true, nathan rain. And I have not made any spelling mistakes fool. I see that you have nothing but lies to say.
So I will not waste my time reasoning with a fool like you.

We will see what your fate

We will see what your fate is when Gumugum comes here. You can say all you want phsyco. I know your just trying to mess with me. He how about I call you James! I your james! I know you are you little bastard. Yeah thats who you are is james. Ok James I know its you now stop hiding under my name. Thats not funny now.

I'm not going to reason with

I'm not going to reason with you james. I know thats you you little liar. Stop pretending to be people james. We all know its you.

wow. just wow. all you are

wow. just wow. all you are stupid but some of you have sense in there mind. wtf is all i have to say. dude if he says he is not that person then he is not that person. me personally i dont know those people either. zybil and nathan rain i know are from the other forum thing. you are a fucking loser dude. you post as other peope an post peoples numbers and post there fucking names. you are so fucking lame. you have no life because all you do is make fun of people and be other people. is that all you have to do all day is get on the computer and be mean and sign on as other people. gees some life you got going. and what is with dicks and penises. do you like them or something. hey if you are going to insult someone you better not make your self look gay as fuck. you jagg off to man porno or something. i bet you do. how do you know if this zybil person has a dick what did you do see it and like it. you jealous of it too? i saw the other forum and you like spicey penis. if you like guys or something just get a dildo and suck on that for a while. ya maybe you just talk about dick because you wish you had one of your own. your are nasty. do us a favore and jump off a building and die because no one would miss you anyways. so fuck you and your dreams of wanting a dick you cock sucking prick.

Rain Chaos maker/ Detective/

Rain Chaos maker/ Detective/ Evil Genius!!, the real L/kira (the posts under that name here), Near, and Anonymous L are all Nathan Rain. But you can;t figure out how I know, Can you?

It doesnt matter cause I'm

It doesnt matter cause I'm not any of those . And you just got cursed out by mello anyways you idiot.

You know what. I really

You know what. I really don't care. This place is to talk about the news that these admins work so hard to find and all you do is be mean to people and call people names and accuse them of being other people. what a joke. Have fun playing with yourself you little american bastard. Unlike you I have a life to live and I have work to do. I will let that mello guy curse you out for now.

Mello was you, nathan Rain.

Mello was you, nathan Rain. See, how pathetic it is, that you have to talk to yourself....

Kami, all of Kami's gods and "Beelzebub". Are all Rain. It was obvious. If you didn't realize this.... then your a total idiot. Oh. And by the way. you can't even see all of the places I have posted that number up. When you google it.

Stop trying to hide the truth, Rain. And just flagging it, isn't going to do any thing. It has to have a reason. To be removed as well. Dumbass. And I'll just repost it. Any way.

The real kira/ L was also you, a whole load of others, to many for me to name, wow, you need to seriously get a life, and that guy spamming with youtube vids, bother here and there was you nathan rain/anonymous L.

Why do you keep going on

Why do you keep going on about the same things, nathan Rain? About jagging off to hentai, and having no life, and living at the computer? All these things seem to match you.... hmmmm, and you called me an anime nerd, you are the one pretending to have a "samurai sword", you fucking weeaboo. And you are the one with no life since you go under so many different names that, i couldn't be assed to list them all, so go "jagg" off to your hentai, bitch. Since you go on about the same things, both here, and at that other Blog. Cause I know you like to place you own problems on other people, that is obvious, as obvious as it is to know who you are posting as, nathan Rain, you fool.

Please, control

Please, control yourselves.
I understand wanting to win arguments as much as the next girl, but is this is more than unnecessary.
From what I know about the internet, I understand that everyone is slightly less rational and much less polite when a face-to-face interaction is not involved.
What I can see is that you're both, or all, or whatever amount of people you happen to be at the moment, trying to incite an over-reaction, whether you realize it or not.
It could be a number of reasons.
You both, we'll call you both for now, want each other banned. That much is absolutely clear. Your retorts are just growing in angry tension, and you probably want to bitch the shit out of your little opponent, there, but of course, neither of you will admit it. Pride's a funny thing.
This is obviously internet-fighting you're doing, so someone's going to have to win. There's that damn pride again. If you win, either the other person will be humiliated and go away (not likely on such an anonymous website) or they will get banned.
If it were me in this situation, I would have found it much more effective to ignore the person, or treat them civilly. They'd probably get bored, or at least they would stop trying after awhile, and it would have diffused the anger. Maybe you could both find some kind of common ground. You're both on this website for similar reasons, aren't you?
Team work, and all that.
Just sayin'.
Then again, this is much more entertaining.
Please, go on.


i find this murder very interesting i wonder how many more people will die?


i applaud you kira very fascinating


and to you SL you couldnt be more wrong with your hypothosis


i have to say those of you who think that you are a anime character are either stupid idotic or just plain ignorant really
this is reality people wake up! really this whole thing is just completely stupid it really is

Hey wolf, don't insult SL,

Hey wolf, don't insult SL, at least she is trying to investigate this fucking murder.

If any of you guys, want to

If any of you guys, want to know more about the manga murder case, check out this site.



i went over the comments and i just want to say i apoligize sincerly SL it turns out your on the right track you have my support

you have my support SL

you have my support SL

you have my full attention

you have my full attention SL

Once again, the loser

Once again, the loser (Nathan Rain) with NO life, goes under a thousand different names.

hello imperfect i have to

hello imperfect i have to say your deductions on this case are quite amazing

hey I only posted once

hey I only posted once whoever else is posting as me can bakc off I already had this under control

if you have no info of the

if you have no info of the murder please dont post

look whoever else was

look whoever else was posting as me I appreciate the help but, don't ever use my name again, nothing personal.

i will say it again no info

i will say it again no info no post

since when do you make the

since when do you make the fucking rules here? since you got here you dne nothing but insult people.

hey who used my name?

hey who used my name?

you know what wolf you are

you know what wolf you are nothing but a poser

WTF?! whos using my name?!

WTF?! whos using my name?! im not typing all those insults!

IM serious!!

IM serious!!

sorry wolf, too late to play

sorry wolf, too late to play the confuised card

hey Hari-ken any info of

hey Hari-ken any info of the murder?

like I said before the

like I said before the person taht posted the info wasn't me it was someone posing as me, so far the only theory I had is the same damn theories I had since I started this: The murderer probably speaks japanese or writes romaji, or has ordered a japenese copy of the manga, otherwise the message would say "je suis Kira" (french) "Ik ben Kira" (dutch) "Ich bin kira" (german) one of the 3 languages that Belgium is associated with. maybe he mispelled it or maybe "dess" means something else. I do know "desu" means "death" hence the name in japan "desu noto" so it could mean "I am kira's death" these are only theories so I could be wrong about that. I do know is that the killer was seen at that place before the murder, because a witness saw someone lying there so there could be a possibility that he chose this place beofre he committed the crime, he disposed of any identifying marks of any kind: head, hair, feet, hands; even drained the blood so no dna sample was left behind. this could mean he is smart but it also could symbolise that whoever he killed he believed that the person desereved it so badly he made him for lack of a better word blank. meaning he did not want the victim to be identifed because he thinks the victim doesn't deserve to be identify.

This is stupid

ok, i have no idea about this murder. but ive read abut the first 30 posts, and ppl r truly idiots. ppl r saying there r death notes, that they r kira, near, L, i think mellow. thats retarded. ur not them. First of all, not every crime always leaves evdence. Second, stop pretending to b smart. just becuz u have a big sentence dosnt mean ur rite. whose to say sum deathnote fan who just started to read the manga wrote it on a wall, sum1 read and comited suicide? If ppl think death notes r real, and they have proof(id prfer proof) then id like to c this. email me at with pictures of ur evidence. give me reasons i shold belive u. ill think about it and respond. but every1, plz remember, in science, the simplist answer is often the rite answer.

thats where you are wrong

thats where you are wrong every crime has evidence, it takes time and patience to find it. 2 things cops don't think they need


im from the USA, idk about u, but here, do u no the percent of crimes that have evidence? do u no how easy it is to get rid of a fingerprint? i dont mean wear gloves. i mean take ur thumb, wipe it on ur nose, much it against ur monitor, then wipe it with ur thumb. a fingerprint is just grease, it evaporates. hair can be blown away, moved by rats, etc. wat else is there? this isnt a tv show, if u get most of ur facts from csi, ur gonna b wrong about this hole "case". theyre not gonna find a piece of clothing, go to a store that sells fabric like that and find a suspect. o, btw. cops r COPS. NOT FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS. get ur facts rite b4 u act like a smug bastard

This seems odd, but dosnt

This seems odd, but dosnt this murderer seem like that guy who worshiped kira? in the end he got Light caught pretty much. i forget his name, but he just reminds me of him

one I don't get my facts

one I don't get my facts from csi, two I am not a smug bastard, and 3 I am getting the facts right but in order for me to do that, I list the things they need but don'[t have such as identification of the victim. if you have read my earlier comments you'd know that by now. asshole

Hari-ken Tenshi Okami = Smug

Hari-ken Tenshi Okami = Smug Bastard.

sry, i just stumbled acros

sry, i just stumbled acros this site. i thot it was funny how ppl can get so into things like this. im not making fun of u, or any1 else in here. ive wanted have a job like this for a long time. but ppl r mkaing a mountin out of a hill. and instead of blaming cops, blame fornsic investigators. anyway, who here really now about this? any1 who sais they do want attention, any1 who just dosnt saything then later on say they did r lying. and now that ive pointed those 2 out, most ppl wont say anything at all, as if to hint they no. but all we no r newspaper stories. and from the show itself, we no that investigatprs and the sort can tell the press nuthing of the case, wich is tru irl. but i dont feel like arguing with X amount of ppl about this. so ill leave u to ur "investigation" "L"

Why don't you learn to

Why don't you learn to spell?

Sl, Rain, SE, Zybil, and I

Sl, Rain, SE, Zybil, and I are the only people on this fucking site that took it seriously it was a\people like "The Real L" "Reaper" "True Kira" that exxagerate things. We have done nothing but look into it but just when we et it right people like them and you don't take its seriously.

Submitted by Hari-ken Tenshi

Submitted by Hari-ken Tenshi Okami (not verified) on Fri, 2009-01-23 22:27.
Why don't you learn to spell?

whoever you are, I appreciate your hel[ but don't ever post as me again post any other name than that

So, out of curiosity, who

So, out of curiosity, who here is on steroids?
Because it looks to me like you've all got roid-rage.
Is this true, Y/N?

I don't use that shit, if

I don't use that shit, if you knew what pisses me off you'd think im on PCP

Ummm, Did I miss somthing?

Ummm, Did I miss somthing? Hey Okami, Do where are rain and Zybil?

Hey reaper didn't anyone

Hey reaper didn't anyone tell you, 98% people that accuse others of being gay cover up their own closeted homosexuality and posting those gay pics just raised the odds of you doing that. so you do the math

the more you say stuff like

the more you say stuff like that, the more people know what you really are reaper.

You should check out your

You should check out your hurricanewolf1991 account, left you some comments.....

Where'd you run off to? Are

Where'd you run off to? Are you afraid of some thing? Coward..... you're gonna get hacked, bitch.

Me? hacked? reaper what you

Me? hacked? reaper what you don't know about me fills the encyclopedia fucking britanica.

I just simply wanna know why

I just simply wanna know why do you hate us? if you don't give me a straight answer why then i'll just leave you in your own fucking fantasy world you created.

whatsa matter reaper, Wolf

whatsa matter reaper, Wolf got your tongue?

Okami, if you wish to get

Okami, if you wish to get him to leave you alone, don't respond.
It's a troll, my dear, and your reactions only encourage him.
I understand that it's not exactly the most ideal way to deal with it, but it's the most effective way.

With all of the aliases and whatnot flying around, I'm not completely sure who is who.
I assume that Reaper and Droog are either the same person or are doing something similar.
Either way, you need to go outside.

Yeah shane, listen to them,

Yeah shane, listen to them, go O-U-T-S-I-D-E, for a change. You see, unlike you, I have a life, and was just away from my computer...... I hope you enjoyed talking to yourself..... but you're probably use to that, living in your own fantasy world, being autistic, and all that....

"just leave you in your own fucking fantasy world you created."

Talk about placing you own faults on others..... Little autistic boy, needs to stop dreaming, lol.

Yeah shane, listen to them,

Yeah shane, listen to them, go O-U-T-S-I-D-E, for a change. You see, unlike you, I have a life, and was just away from my computer...... I hope you enjoyed talking to yourself..... but you're probably use to that, living in your own fantasy world, being autistic, and all that....

"just leave you in your own fucking fantasy world you created."

Talk about placing you own faults on others..... Little autistic boy, needs to stop dreaming, lol.

For youur fucking

For youur fucking information, I have a life too, I am gonna be 18 in about 3 months and 2 months after, I will graduate from high school now that all my compulsaries are done and over with. Oh, for someone who has a life you surely seem too spend an awful lot of time intimidating me and trying to lure my friends to this forum. "placing my own faults on others" you really are blind. Unlike you I already had my goals set long before I even entered this forum and I have succeeded in all of them except 2. 1 of 2 which I will succeed soon while the other will take longer. Oh by the way, do you even know what autistim is? because you seem to know an awful lot to try to insult a person that has that particular condition. and if you are trying to intimidate me any further you are wasting your time. as for that batch file it was meant to destroy this forum not just you. so none else can take anymore of your insults. people like you deserve to be living in the sewers like the primordial ooze where you belong. You slimy scumbag pice of fucking dogshit eating motherfucker. this is my last official message I will check for a respnose but never again will I answer back. Goodbye Reaper, I hope someone finds you and chop your fucking arms off so you will never type or write anything again.

this website has turned from

this website has turned from a debating room to jerry springer

all of you guys dont have

all of you guys dont have lifes if you can go onto this site and post insults at eachother every day

wolf i absoulutly agree with

wolf i absoulutly agree with you

Actually, autism is

Actually, autism is characterized by the inability to think and learn like other people. Autistic kids generally don't respond to pain, show little or no emotion, and generally behave inappropriately, given the situation.
Since you haven't had the chance to physically cause him pain or see his facial expressions, there really isn't a way for you determine how autistic this person is.
Besides, another symptom is that autistic kids don't always understand the written or spoken word, and I'm pretty sure we would have figured it out by now if anyone on here had no idea what we were saying.
I think that the mental illness you seek is schizophrenia, if you're going to use "talking to yourself."
Or agoraphobia, if you're going to characterize it with them never leaving the house.
Either way, not forms of autism.

Goodness, though, by the looks of that response, Okami may be slightly sociopathic, which is never good. That's the kind of shit that causes school shootings and Hitler-esque 'cleansing.'
I hope, for Okami's sake, that that isn't the case.

I know that was supposed to

I know that was supposed to be my last message but I have to clear a few things: for starters, Amy I am not a sociopath secondly I would never cause a school shooting, an I sure as hell would not do any hitler esque facisst crap. I am simply pissed off at reaper for causeing things like that.