Two New Manga Rental Services to Launch in April


Manga Jouhou reports that two new manga rental service will launch this month. The first rental service, Comical, is created by the online second-hand book store eBookOFF, and opened on April 16th:

Comical uses internet to order, with 24 hours, 365 days service. With this service, the manga that is registered on the wish list gets delivered by a home delivery service. When returning, the user can send it back with home cargo delivery, or return it to the closest convenient store. When the return process has been completed, the next batch of comic is sent off; 15-20 books is sent at a time, based on priority of the wish list.

On April 13th, another manga rental service was launched by the major Japanese video rental store Tsutaya:

Mr. Takashii Fujii of Tatsuya Goods says, "Because the rights of rental has been legally approved, when we start comic rental, our customers will support our business."

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I want to open a japanese

I want to open a japanese manga book store with rentals too here in the US. I know that manga is avail. now in english. How do get more info about that? Is Tsutaya avail. for franchise?

I don't think ComiPress is

I don't think ComiPress is the place you should be asking...try looking for contact information on Tsutaya's website if that's what you're interested in doing.