Aurora Publishing Announces First Manga Release

According to a news post on Aurora Publishing's website, the manga publisher will release Chihiro Tamaki's Walkin' Butterfly later this summer:

Walkin' Butterfly" is the story of the metamorphosis of Michiko, set in the world of Japanese high fashion. As a tall girl, Michiko has never fit in… literally. She has always felt different and she can't accept herself. Her height is matched only by her complex about it. While delivering pizzas at a fashion show she is mistaken for a model and thrust on stage. Mihara, the show's designer, confronts her and tells her that she can't walk down the catwalk because she doesn't know her true self. From that moment on, Michiko is determined to find her place in the world as a model, and as a young woman. Can she find the inner strength to undergo a spectacular transformation? Is Michiko up to the challenge? Just try her. "Walkin' Butterfly" is as chic as a Tokyo catwalk.

Via: MangaCast