Thief Steals 500,000 Yen from Captain Tsubasa Creator


Sometime between 7 - 11pm on March 20th, someone broke into Captain Tsubasa creator Yoichi Takahashi's office and walked away with 500,000 yen. The office is on the 2nd floor of a building in Katsushika, Tokyo. According to the report, when Yoichi Takahashi returned to his office at 11pm, he discovered the doors have been opened, and the 500,000 yen in his desk is no longer there. Fortunately no manga-related materials have been touched. Currently the police is investigating the theft.

Source: Nikkei

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While I am happy to hear

While I am happy to hear that none of the manga materials have been stolen, 500,000 yen is still a lot of money to lose and I am more concerned that Takahashi-sensei has had that much money stolen from him. I hope the police can find more information soon.

Just goes to show why you

Just goes to show why you shouldn't leave so much money lying around, that's what banks are for.

Thank god that no captain tsubasa material has been taken

I'm glad that my favourite manga is safe... Damn that thief! If he ever touched Yoichi Takahashi's 26 years old manga or any of his other works, I would track him down and kill him.


Every good anime series will have a lot of spin off products and it is no different for Captain Tsubasa

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