Editors Self-Censor To-LOVE-Ru Illustration on Akamaru Jump?

topThe latest issue of Shueisha's Akamaru Jump came with the To-LOVE-Ru Winter Art, a collection of To-LOVE-Ru illustrations on double-leaved pages. However, one of the artwork seems to have been deliberately altered.

The picture in question is a spread scene with Lala and Haruna taking a bath together, with a tremendous amount of bubbles are covering their bodies, to the extent that only their faces can be seen. The illustration is published in a very artificial condition.

To quote some of To-LOVE-Ru creator Kentaro Yabuki's comment at the back of Weekly Shonen Jump:

On Shonen Jump issue No. 4-5:

Previously unpublished illustrations available in Akamaru Jump, to be released on 1/15. I put in a lot of work in it, so please look forward to it!! -Kentaro

On Shonen Jump issue No. 8

Guess I went to far on Akamaru. Even though I did my best...! Oh no, I am
sorry about it... -Kentaro

It would seem that Kentaro did such a good job that the editors had to censor the illustration. Will there be a chance in the future to see the unaltered version...? To-LOVE-Ru volume 2 will be released on February 2.

The image in question:


Source: Ultimatum Chat

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More importantly...

The pink-haired one is Lala, correct?

Why does she look so much like Nono from Gunbuster 2?!

Cause... Yabuki Kentaro is

Cause... Yabuki Kentaro is about the most unoriginal artist there is?
Well, maybe, but he sure knows how to draw pretty.

I really want to see the

I really want to see the original image... Kentaro's girls are awesome!

Picture broken?

It seems the image is broken from a certain point on. Shortly whereafter Lala's foot begins, the image ends abrupt, the rest keeps blank. Is there a way to fix it, as I really would like to have the complete image, even if it is the "censored" one =D

Image fixed

Ah yes, you're right, sorry about that, it should be fixed now. :)